Monday, May 22, 2017

Fence Installation in NJ

The first thing that pops on in the mind at the word ‘fence’ is a barrier. But a fence is beyond that and different from a wall.

It is any structure (not with a solid base through the whole length) that is put up to secure an area; keep the needed in and the unwanted out. It is usually made using wood, steel/wire, netting, concrete posts and can be seen around homes, schools, farms, parks, gardens, offices and buildings of all kinds and when properly installed will give a beautiful outdoor look and create an ideal impression.

A fence that is properly installed by us at Challenger Fence Inc is efficient, yet aesthetically pleasing to the senses. Apart from delineation, fences can be for safety, functional or decorative purposes. Fence installation involves any of the following processes in no particular order;
Fence Installation in NJ 

  • Ground clearing and leveling 
  • The removal of old or broken down fences
  • Measurements and layout of fence lines
  • Transport materials to construction site
  • Positioning and fixing of posts to a concrete base
  • Cutting panels and fences to size 
  • Fixing fences to posts
  • Fence painting 
  • Fence waterproofing
  • Repair and upgrade fences

These processes are physically demanding and involve the professional services of a fence installer who usually works with a team of experts and specialized tools and materials to do a great job.

Benefits of choosing Challenger Fence Inc
As fence installation providers in NJ we can also repair fences and related professional services. We are professionals who build fences around building structures usually has experience in home construction, landscape gardening and related fields that can be trusted to efficiently make use of hand and power tools in wood and metal work.

We have practical experience in the use of specialized tools and can be trusted to handle the construction of special or sensitive fences like boundary fences, airport fences, electric fences and gates, prisons security fences and vehicle barriers for roads and bridges.

Fence Installation in NJ 
We have a team of fence construction workers trained to communicate clearly with clients to understand their needs and specifications and work with plans for a beautiful result. A competent fence installer has basic math skills, can give practical estimates and professional advice on the different types of fencing and landscaping accessories to enable clients have the desired fences.

At Challenger Fence Inc we work on different types of landscapes and at flexible hours; odd hours inclusive especially in emergency cases. As fence installation in NJ can take place at any time of the year, a fence installer can work outside in different weather conditions.  

Our fence installers will be familiar with the basic safety tips required for fence installation, and  also rules and regulations that guide planning in your locality to predict if you will need planning permission for certain fences or any other legal permit or requirement that may be necessary.

We will install your choice of fence in good time without any hitch. Your choice of a fence installer to fix your fence will enable you to have access to expert services in future when the need for repairs and maintenance arises.

To learn more about fence installation in NJ, or for more information about us at Challenger Fence Inc, call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our fence installation experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl or PVC is a popular material used by many people to fence their property. It can stand up to all kinds of weather, including storms and sun damage and still require minimal maintenance throughout. If you are considering vinyl fence installation, you it would be in your best interest to hire professionals such as us at Challenger Fence Inc to give you a quick and proper vinyl fence installation in NJ. There are a variety of reasons why entrusting your fencing project with a professional if the best option. Here are some of the basic reasons:

Making the necessary preparations
Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ
Before we start installing the fence , we make sure we have made all the necessary preparations for fence installation in NJ. We will make the exact measurements in the correct order to fit your preferences and your property so that you can enjoy the privacy of your living space.

Use of the excellent fencing materials
Our vinyl fence contractors in NJ make sure to use brand new and high quality materials. This means when you are getting quality advice on the best quality of vinyl materials you need. They will also work with you to provide the right design, type of fencing materials and color that suits your landscape terrain and preferences. They offer in-depth consultation so that you will be completely satisfied with the installation.

They use proper equipment
This is another advantage of trusting your fencing project to professional vinyl fencing contractors. The many years of experience, they make sure all necessary equipment are available for your vinyl fence installation. Equipment such as a shovel and post stabilizer are used to offer you strong and stable vinyl fence. Doing vinyl fencing on your own isn’t a good idea as you risk improper installation, greater damage and higher cost of repair and replace in the future.

Provide quick turnaround and service
In addition to great fencing material and proper equipment, our professional vinyl fencing contractors at Challenger Fence Inc can quickly install your vinyl fence. The right resource, expertise, and experience, professional can turn your PVC fence in a matter of hours or a day depending on the length of the fence. The installation time is short compared the do-it-yourself installation. Vinyl fence installers are trained to quickly and efficiently and correctly install your fence.

To learn more about Challenger Fence Inc or for more information about our vinyl fence installation in NJ, please call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our professional fence installers will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fence Showroom in NJ

Are you stuck in the choice of a fence? Visit our fence showroom in NJ

If you know you need a fence but aren't sure what kind, come see our many fences that we at Challenger Fence Inc have install on you property. The most common ones include the chain link fences, copper wood fences, steel fences and vinyl fences. The choice of any of them depends on a number of factors that include
Fence Showroom in NJ 
  • The level of security preferred
  • The level of privacy preferred 
  • The aesthetic appeal of the fence 
  • The cost of materials and installation 
Choosing among several options is not the easiest of the tasks. There is the likelihood that you will be torn between several choices especially if you are not an expert in the field. Our fence experts will be available during your visit to assist you in selecting the right fence for you. 

This and many other reasons are what necessitates your visit to our fence showroom. Here are other reasons why you should pay a visit before buying the preferred fence. 
  • You have several fencing options at glance 
  • You may have thought of one or two types of fences back at home. However, at the fence showroom, you have several options at a glance. 
  • A showroom is different from looking for fencing options on the internet. This is because you can touch, feel, and visualize how the fence looks like in your compound. You are likely to make the right choice from experience at the showroom. 
Price comparison 
Price is one of the greatest factors that influence the choice of materials to use for fencing. There is no better way to compare the prices of different fencing materials than at the showroom. You have all the materials you need being displayed along with their prices therefore at ease in choosing the right fencing product for you.  

Expert advice 
Sometimes you need a little help in choosing the right fence that caters for your needs. You can have free advice on the fence selection at the fence showroom. There are fencing experts who are stationed at the showrooms to help you around. You might discover some qualities or potential problems that may come with the fence that you did not know.

The teams at the showroom will take you through the buying and installation costs of your selected type of the fence and offer advice on maintaining the fence. Your decision will be intelligent and hustle free. The showrooms also have other fencing products for aesthetic appeal, enhanced security, and maintaining your fence. 

There are so many options for you at our fence showroom in NJ. Consider visiting a fence showroom before buying fencing materials for your next fencing project. You will be amazed by the information and choices available in the market.

To learn more about our fence showroom in NJ at Challenger Fence Inc, please call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our fence experts will be happy to help you. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Illusions Vinyl Fence Dealer in NJ

Vinyl fencing a great alternative to wood or metal fencing. Many homeowners have yet to understand the advantages of vinyl fencing. The material is affordable, versatile and offers a variety of choice in color. There are many brands out there for vinyl fences, Illusions Vinyl Fence, for example, is a great and quality brand that has been around for many years. We at Challenger Fence Inc are an Illusions Vinyl Fence dealer in NJ. Today we want to discuss the many benefits of Illusions Vinyl Fences.

Strength of Vinyl Fences
Illusions Vinyl Fence Dealer in NJ 
Vinyl is stronger than wood but weighs less. The kind used for fencing is five times stronger than wood. Vinyl does not rot or decay. It does not weaken from termite infestation. Vinyl can last for decades while retaining its strength. It can be used to fence swimming pools or lawns that are constantly watered as the water does not damage it.

Easy fence installation
It is very easy to install a vinyl fence. After securing the posts in the ground, the other pieces will easily slide and lock in place. A two man team can install the fence over a long perimeter in very short time. This saves on labor costs.

Low Maintenance Fences
Vinyl can easily be washed using a hose. This is unlike wood that has to be repainted every few years. It retains color very well without fading.  This means that you get to save a lot on maintenance costs.

Affordable Fences
Vinyl is much cheaper than iron or wood. It can be installed on long perimeters at low cost. The vinyl does not require varnishing, staining or coloring. It can be installed just as it was purchased. The benefits in cost are added by the low maintenance costs and the long durability of the vinyl.

Flexible Fences  
A vinyl fence will bend or stretch without breaking. It can resist high winds and heavy storms while it remains standing and retains its color. Vinyl fencing is ideal for fencing in animals like horses that often run into the fence. The vinyl does not splinter which would harm the animals. They can also chew on it with no damage.

Durable Fences
A vinyl fence can last 20-30 years. The vinyl does not crack, peel, splinter or blister. The fence is resistant to rust, mold, mildew and pests. This means you don’t have to incur the costs of replacing the fencing every few years.

Vinyl fencing offers a variety in choice of shapes, colors, texture, height and toppers. If you are in a regulated neighborhood, you can match the fencing style while expressing your personality by making choices that match your taste.

If you are looking to install a beautiful, durable and low-cost fence, you cannot go wrong with a vinyl fence from Illusions Vinyl Fence installed by us at Challenger Fence Inc

For more information about us as an Illusions Vinyl Fence dealer in NJ, please call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our vinyl fence experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pool Fence Installation in NJ

Are you thinking of setting up a pool where your family can relax but you’re worried about the safety of your kids?  Are you concerned about your pets drowning in the pool? Then, a properly installed fence is what you need.

At Challenger Fence Inc, we offer pool fence installation in NJ that meet your specific needs. Whether you want to install a fence for your new pool or you want to fix that old shaky fence, we’ve got you covered. Our team of trained experts and professionals use innovative drilling techniques and industrial standard tools.

Pool Fence Installation in NJ
A quality pool fence is one that affords safety, is attractive and isn’t damaging to your patio. We understand that and are willing to help you install it to taste, giving it the color and height you desire. We also take into account other preferences such as child-proof latches and self-closing gates. Whether it is a removable fence you want or one that’s permanent, we’ll get it done promptly using strong and solid posts.

We have quite a reputation when it comes to pool fence installation. Our years of good experience in this make us the right choice. Our clients do not call back with complaints. When they call us back, it’s only to give testimonies.

Our services are qualitative and affordable. We adhere to published safety guidelines. We take our time to understand what you need and deliver just that!

We know the value a pool adds to your home. Apart from the fact that it helps you keep in shape, it also serves as a good way for the family to have fun and socialize. However, you do not want to have fun whilst disregarding the law and risking the safety of those you care about.

To learn more about our pool fence installation in NJ or for more information about us at Challenger Fence Inc, please call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our fence installation experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vinyl Fence Company in NJ

When we hear about landscaping we already have a beautiful pasture of a well-maintained piece of land with fences and everything available, but we also know how difficult it is to keep them looking beautiful over time. In many cases, we work weekly or daily when weather permits to make our landscaping looks great. There are some of the incredible ways vinyl fencing can be incorporated into your yard, at our vinyl fence company NJ we some great ideas that will help you achieve your dream.

Landscape with vinyl fence
Vinyl Fence Company in NJ
If you need to put a boundary between you and your neighbor, you just need a nice, safe vinyl fence to add to your already amazing landscape. Vinyl fences come in different colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Hiring a contractor with some interesting ideas will to install your vinyl fencing will improve the value of your property. Contractors at Challenger Fence Inc not only provide the man power needed to complete the project, but they can also help you visualize how a fence can enhance your property.

The crossbuck vinyl fence
If you want something that adds charm to your landscaping, something typical, without extra work and maintenance, installing a crossbuck vinyl fence might be a perfect alternative. This type of vinyl fence is great for keeping animals and the kids in the yard, it improves your home landscape look and can last a lifetime.

The charming picket fence
Picket fences always add charm to any landscape. It gives way to different shapes and styles that give your yard a unique, personalized look. Today, there are more choices of picket vinyl fences and will assure you a fresh look always.

Gazebos for shaded view
Vinyl gazebo kits are easy to install and they come in different attractive styles. They are a fantastic addition to your garden landscape since they add charm and functionality to your landscape.

Landscape with a vinyl arbor
The Arbor is normally wooden and most of them get damaged or destroyed over a period of time. Vinyl Arbor takes care of this and they add charm to your landscape, they won’t rot over time even from flowers and vines.

Although most people love working in the yard structure or fence maintained, it is not as simple as it looks and sometimes not so enjoyable. One thing that has helped in eliminating the need for the unwanted task is vinyl fence installation. Vinyl fencing and vinyl products provide solid, safe structures and offer functional services.

To learn more about our vinyl fence company in NJ, or for more information about us at Challenger Fence Inc, please call us today at 973-772-2593. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Vinyl Fence Designs

With Winter finally over and outdoor activity springing to life it’s a good time to think about setting up a new fence for your home or business. A number of vinyl fence design trends have emerged recently to make your fence look and function better than before. Here are a few of the trends you should consider looking into in 2017.

Wood Colored Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing have a number over advantages over wood fences: they last longer and they need a lot less maintenance. However, wood fencing has a unique aesthetic that some people find preferable, even if they would otherwise prefer to go the vinyl route. Those people now have a solution. Vinyl Fence manufacturers have created wood coloring for vinyl fences that combines the look of a wood fence with the durability and low-maintenance of vinyl.

Gated Arbors – Arbors – ornamental arches – are an increasingly popular part of vinyl fence designs in 2017. While traditional gates are functional but lack panache, gated arbors give your gates a similar feel to an entry to your home or the gateway to a park or conservatory. With a quality arbor as part of your fence, passing through a gate becomes an event rather than an obstacle.

Semi-Privacy Fencing – Somewhere between fences with wide posts and fences that block out all light is the semi-private fence which provides a degree of privacy while reducing the feeling of being fenced in.

Post-Caps – One way people are choosing to make their vinyl fence designs in 2017 stand out is to use a variety of ornamental post-caps. From the subtle to the exciting, fence designers are constantly coming up with new post-caps to add tonal accents to your fence’s design.

To learn more about 2017 vinyl fence designs, call Challenger Fence at (973)772-2593.

Challenger Fence - your trusted experts in vinyl fence design in 2017.