Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Environmentally Friendly Fence Cleaning

PVC and vinyl fences are the most environmentally options for fences available to homeowners, and as the trend of eco-friendly home improvement continues to drive society the time to improve your fence is better than ever. If you got your vinyl fence installation done earlier in the summer, the time to do some winterizing and cleaning is now, and the experts at Challenger Fence Inc are sharing some useful tips that can go a long way in preserving your fence’s appeal.

Vinyl is a durable material that can withstand a lot of damage from the elements, and to clean you want to equip yourself with a soft bristle scrub brush, some mild soap, water (a hose is ideal) and rags to wipe with. Most of the dirt, grass and smudges will come off your vinyl fence with some elbow grease and direct water application.

Spray down your fence with a hose and then go to spots where the dirt remains. Using the bucket mixture of soap and water give the dirt and grass stains a scrubbing that will often leave your fence shiny and clean in a few moments. If you want, solution specifically for cleaning vinyl can be acquired at a local hardware store.

It is recommended that you clean your vinyl fence 1-2 times every year, and maybe as many as 4 times depending on your surroundings, the natural conditions where you live and just the average wear-and-tear that your vinyl fence may be getting.

For more information about vinyl fences and vinyl fence installation in NJ, contact the experts at Challenger Fence Inc.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vinyl Fence Installation Passaic County NJ

Are you thinking of getting vinyl fences? They are very popular right now due to their durability and wide variety of colors and designs. Challenger Fence Inc is a professional fence company that provides vinyl fence installations in Passaic County NJ. If you would like to know more about vinyl fences, here are some facts:

  • Vinyl fences cannot absorb water. This means that they cannot deteriorate in any way. This means they do not rust, warp or fade.
  • Ultra violet inhibitors will keep your fence white, so that you do not ever have to repaint it.
  • If a picket gets damaged, they can be replaced by either a manufacturer or a retailer. A single picket can be easily removed and replaced by an identical picket, preventing you from needing to replace large sections of a fence.
  • Vinyl fences come in many colors and designs that can match with your home or landscape. There are even vinyl fences that are made with wood designs.These are very popular because you get the beautiful appearance of a wooden fence, but the easy maintenance of a vinyl fence.

If you would like more information on Passaic County NJ vinyl fence installations, contact Challenger Fence Inc.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cleaning Your Wood Fence

Wooden fences are a great choice for practical and aesthetic lawn enhancement, but likely will need to be cleaned every once in a while to prevent disrepair and other issues. The fence experts at Challenger Fence Inc have come up with some great wood fence cleaning tips that can restore and rejuvenate your perimeter fencing and get rid of mildew or mold in the process.
  • If you do not feel like hand-scrubbing your fence, the best option is to power wash it yourself. If you have a power washer or can borrow one, this will save you quite a bit of time and effort. To prepare for this, it is a good idea to cover and protect plants from the force of the water with a tarp.
  • After power washing your fence at a strength between 1500 to 2000 psi, go over certain spots by hand with a scrubber and some household bleach mixed in with the water. After scrubbing, go over these areas with the power washer again.
  • If you do not have access to a power washer, you will have to hand scrub the fence from start to finish using bleach and water.
  • After the mildew is gone, sand and go over the fence to knock in protruding screws and nails while smoothing out the surface,
  • It is important to apply a wood finisher when you are done cleaning the fence and allowing this solution to sink into the wood. This will restore the sheen to your fence and protect it from the elements.
  • If you need to paint in certain areas, repaint.

Take these tips and take advantage of the great weather this fall to brush up your fence. Challenger Fence Inc has many years of experience performing fence installations in NJ and can be consulted to learn more ways to take care of your fence.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keeping Your Dog Out of Your Garden

A fenced in yard is great for pets, but what about keeping your pets out of areas like a garden? Dogs don't know that you don't want them to trample your begonias or not eat your tomatoes. But there are measures you can take to ensure your garden is safe. During your fall clean up collect as many branches as you can, instead of dropping them off at your recycling center, there is a way they can solve your problem.
Collect branches that are 1-2” in diameter and break off any small twigs. Cut one end of the branch at an angle, this is the end that will go into the ground. Cut the other end straight, the flat surface will provide a better area to strike. Place the stakes less than eight inches apart and this will prevent your dog from entering your garden! If you want extra protection, take thinner branches flexible branches and weave them between the stakes. Don't fret if one goes missing or it starts to decay it's easily fixed. It's a great, cost free solution!
This is often known as a wattle fence, and it has been used for over 6,000 years. It dates back to the Neolithic era where it was commonly used for enclosing ground or handling livestock.
Keeping your dogs out of your garden is important, so is keeping your dog in your yard. A wattle fence wouldn't be your best choice to fence in your whole yard. It would be time consuming and strenuous. Think about NJ fence installation made of wood, chain link, aluminum or vinyl. When you are installing fences in NJ choose a company that is trusted and reliable. Challenger Fence Inc. uses only high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of your fence.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A “Living Fence” Redefines Security and Beauty

What if a fence could make your yard green, eco-friendly and also safe? In an article from the South Wales Evening Post, a fence in the city of Swansea is described that changes the definition of safety and aesthetic appeal for pedestrians walking along a busy thoroughfare. The fence in question is a wire mesh covered by vines and other plants so that people who are walking along the street will be encouraged to cross at appropriate times – a result of the tragic death of two pedestrians in the past four years.

The advantages of the hedging on this fence is twofold: it screens the wire fencing from view but also helps to absorb the emissions from the many vehicles driving along that road in hopes of helping the area become more environmentally conscious. The fence installation is being funded by Welsh Government Road Safety Grant, a staunch supporter of the ways this fence will help preserve life, look great and help the future generations battle environmental issues.

Even though this fence is not the first of its kind, this is a sign of the importance of being forward-thinking in terms of your next home upgrade. The value of your fence can be way more than simply keeping people out or trying to make your pool look better during the summer. Great fences are a thing of the future.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The History of Barbed Wire Fences

If I asked you to think of a fence right now, there is a good chance the fence you are picturing in your head is a barbed wire fence. This iconic style of fencing is used throughout America for security, containment and safety purposes, and has many industrial, commercial and military applications. What you might not know is the controversial history of the barbed wire fence in America. The fencing experts at Challenger Fence Inc, the industry leading fence company in North NJ, have done their homework in order to bring you a short history of the barbed wire fence.

As America was being settled, ranching and cattle herding became an important part of success on the prairie. The environment was not conducive to wood, making costly picket and wood fence installations impractical for the landscape. To get around this obstacle, an innovator named Michael Kelly twisted strands of wire together – strengthening the barrier against the strong force exerted by the cows as they foraged – and the painful spikes of wire where the cables were joined would remind the cows not to press against the fence.

After this change, an inventor named Joseph Glidden designed an improved fence and constructed the machinery to mass product barbed wire fences for farmers. This fence became a fixture of the landscape in the American West during the late 1800s and early 1900s, and soon military experts realized the benefits that barbed wire fencing could have on keeping enemies out.

Fencing has come a long way since stone, wood and barbed wire were exclusively used, but there is no undermining the uses of a quality fence. If you are looking for a fence installation, Challenger Fence has the skill and expertise to help.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fence Installation NJ

There are many reasons to get a fence around your property. They are good to establish boundaries, keep children or pets safe, as well as provide privacy from neighbors and passers-by. Challenger Fence Inc is a fully licensed and insured company that can provide high quality fence installations in NJ for your home or business at affordable prices.

With Halloween fast approaching, many people are decorating their homes for the holiday. A fence gives you many opportunities to get your home ready for trick or treating festivities. Fence posts are great places to prop up ghosts and Frankensteins or any other types of creepy creatures that would look great surrounding your yard.

For more than a decade, Challenger Fence Inc has provided New Jersey with fences. We take great pride in the beautiful fences that we install. We can install any kind of fence, including:

  • Vinyl or PVC fences
  • Chain link fences
  • Aluminum fences
  • Wood fences
  • Pool fences

We carry many styles from all of the top name brands. PVC fences come in many colors and designs so that you can choose the one that best fits your home and landscape. If you would like more information on NJ fence installations, call Challenger Fence Inc at 973-772-2593.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

NJ Fence Installation

When you are considering fence installation in NJ, vinyl/PVC fencing is a great choice! It is one of the most popular fencing materials. With vinyl/PVC fencing you do not have to worry about repainting your fence and they do not rust or corrode. They are a great no hassle option if you are looking for fencing in Elmwood Park. Vinyl/PVC fences do not rot, peel, warp, split or blister because they do not absorb any moisture. It is immune to damage from acid rain and is does not conduct electricity. With Challenger Fence Inc our vinyl/PVC products are made onsite by our skilled craftsman.

At Challenger Fence Inc, we are experts in NJ fence installation. We are a family owned and operated company in New Jersey that has been providing areas such as Elmwood Park with more than a decade of quality service. Our professionals oversee all aspects of installation from design to construction completion.

If you are looking for NJ fence installation that will endure through any weather condition, PVC/vinyl fencing is the right choice in Elmwood Park. Contact Challenger Fence Inc today and receive your free NJ fence installation quote! Call us at 973-772-2593 and speak with one of our experts today!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Essex County NJ Fence Installation

American humorist Arthur Baer once said, "A good neighbour is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn't climb over it". As funny as his sentiment is, he's right. Fences provide your property with privacy and security. The type of fence you choose depends on how much privacy you desire for your property.
At Challenger Fence Inc. we offer four types of fence installation in Essex County NJ to suit your needs:

  • PVC/Vinyl Fences - These are a low maintenance option, having only to be painted if you desire to change the color.
  • Chain-link Fences - Least amount of privacy but easier to blend into your homes landscape. A good option if you are only worried about animals entering your yard, or your animals leaving it.
  • Aluminum Fences - this fence installation in Essex County NJ is a less expensive alternative to the classic wrought iron designs.
  • Wood Fences - this fencing is no only pleasing to the eye but it also offers the highest level of privacy.

If you are in need of fence installation in Essex County NJ, Challenger Fence Inc will help you choose the best option. Our company has been experts in fence installation in Essex County NJ for more than a decade and will be happy to assist you. If you have any questions call Challenger Fence Inc today at 973-772-2593

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