Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Vinyl Fence Designs

With Winter finally over and outdoor activity springing to life it’s a good time to think about setting up a new fence for your home or business. A number of vinyl fence design trends have emerged recently to make your fence look and function better than before. Here are a few of the trends you should consider looking into in 2017.

Wood Colored Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing have a number over advantages over wood fences: they last longer and they need a lot less maintenance. However, wood fencing has a unique aesthetic that some people find preferable, even if they would otherwise prefer to go the vinyl route. Those people now have a solution. Vinyl Fence manufacturers have created wood coloring for vinyl fences that combines the look of a wood fence with the durability and low-maintenance of vinyl.

Gated Arbors – Arbors – ornamental arches – are an increasingly popular part of vinyl fence designs in 2017. While traditional gates are functional but lack panache, gated arbors give your gates a similar feel to an entry to your home or the gateway to a park or conservatory. With a quality arbor as part of your fence, passing through a gate becomes an event rather than an obstacle.

Semi-Privacy Fencing – Somewhere between fences with wide posts and fences that block out all light is the semi-private fence which provides a degree of privacy while reducing the feeling of being fenced in.

Post-Caps – One way people are choosing to make their vinyl fence designs in 2017 stand out is to use a variety of ornamental post-caps. From the subtle to the exciting, fence designers are constantly coming up with new post-caps to add tonal accents to your fence’s design.

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