Friday, January 31, 2014

Passaic County Fence Installation

Deciding what type of fence you want on your property is the first step you need to take. The experts at Challenger Fence, experts in Fence Installation Passaic County, NJ, have compiled this list so you are familiar with the benefits of each type of fencing.
  • PVC/Vinyl Fencing – And eco-friendly material, vinyl fencing is designed to stand up against any type of weather condition. PVC/vinyl is made from recycled non-toxic materials. The low-maintenance material makes it perfect if you are trying to fence in a large area. The fence requires no painting or annual upkeep, just hit it with a hose if it starts to look dirty. The variety of colors available also make it easier to blend into the overall design of your home. 
  • Chain-link Fencing – One of the most versatile fencing options, due to it's improved security. Their economical and ensure your privacy, while still allowing you to see what's going on outside of your property. They are the perfect option if you have pets or small children, and the vinyl coating allows you many choices in coloring.
  • Wood Fences – The variety of wood fencing allows for that classic picket fence look, or a rustic split rail. Wood has become popular because of its aesthetics and the ability to customize the fence to your liking. They are the only fence material where you have the choice to either paint or stain them to your liking.
If you would like more help in deciding what fence installation in Passaic County NJ would best suit your needs, call the experts at Challenger Fence today.
Challenger Fence Inc. offers all of these fencing options, with professional fence installation in New Jersey.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fence Installation in Bergen County: Available All Year Round

Despite the polar vortex and the cold winter weather, fence installation in Bergen County can be done by professionals all year round. If you have been thinking about installing a fence on your property, why wait? Have it installed and ready to enjoy before the beautiful spring weather arrives.

Before you choose a type of fencing material that you want for fence installation in Bergen County, consider the reason that you want a fence in your yard. Are you looking for more privacy, safety or are you installing it for aesthetic purposes?

There are many different types of fencing materials, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) vinyl, chain-link, aluminum and wood. Each type of material has different benefits for homeowners.

PVC vinyl fences are eco-friendly and resistant to any type of weather conditions. These fences are relatively maintenance-free because they will never rot, peel, warp, split or blister. This is because PVC vinyl does not absorb moisture, which makes the fences more durable and a long-lasting investment.

If you are searching for a type of fence that provides more security than anything else, chain-link fences may be your best option. These fences are an economical choice, and are ideal for parents and pet owners. This fence allow you to see through to what is going on in the yard, and allows you to keep an eye on small children or your pets, while still keeping everyone safe.

Fences that can provide more of an aesthetic appeal to homes are aluminum fences, a great alternative to wrought-iron fences. Aluminum fences do not require as much maintenance as wrought-iron fences do, but they still provide the same high level of aesthetic appeal.

For a combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal, wood fences may be your best option. Wood is more of a practical choice that establishes boundaries and can be customized to your liking. Whether left in its natural state or painted to match the outside of a home, wood fences can be very versatile for homeowners.

All of these types of fences can essentially be customized to suit any fence installation in Bergen County. Fences come in different sizes and heights, materials and colors.

Another consideration for fence installation in Bergen County that homeowners should keep on their minds is any town laws that may be in place. Oftentimes there are certain specifications that homeowners need to meet in order to install a fence, including the height  and the exact location where it needs to be built. Contact your town ahead of time and check what the standards and regulations before you make any finalized plans.

Challenger Fence Inc. is a company that provides fence installation in Bergen County. Challenger Fence Inc. offers PVC vinyl, chain-link, aluminum and wood fences available for installation in any home location.

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