Monday, January 18, 2016

Vinyl Fence in NJ

There’s a variety of practical and cosmetic benefits to installing a vinyl fence in NJ. It adds an appealing element to a property. Vinyl fencing tends to have a very sleek, classic look that many love to have around their homes. Challenger Fence, a family owned and operated fencing company in New Jersey, has provided residents and commercial property owners with durable, attractive additions to properties for over a decade. We work without delay to install your vinyl fence in NJ with attention to detail and high quality results. When you speak with us regarding your vinyl fence, we will work with you to realize your creative vision, giving you the aesthetic value and security you are looking for. We have provided some reasons why vinyl fencing will benefit your property.

For one, vinyl fencing is fairly easy to install. That’s why so many people are choosing to go with it for their property. You can either get professionals to install the fences or do it yourself. It’s not a complex process and it’ll simply look great. Also, a durable vinyl fence in NJ is a very cost effective way to border the area around your home. Far cheaper than wood or iron options, which also require maintenance over time. With vinyl, little to no maintenance is required to keep it looking beautiful.

Vinyl is also a very ecologically sound material. This sort of fencing is not treated with any hazardous chemicals and is primarily composed of recycled materials. To go a little bit into the science of vinyl; it’s compiled of chlorine derived from salt and hydrocarbons derived from natural gases. So you can be sure that you’re doing some good for the environment when going with vinyl fencing.

If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time and the elements, vinyl is definitely the way to go. Vinyl fences have a flexibility that is unrivaled by their wooden counterparts. Those are far more likely to crack and break under the pressures of intense weather conditions. Where vinyl will just stand as if it were any other day. No need to worry about it wearing down after an intense storm or season.

Thanks to the durability of vinyl, this makes it ideal for keeping things in and keeping them out. Individuals that house one pet or many pets love this for keeping them within the boundaries of the space. It’s very difficult for even the bigger animals to get through. Thanks to its chemical free nature, a vinyl fence in NJ would also cause no harm if your pet is in constant contact with the fence.

These fences are not only of great quality and durable construction, but they also look fantastic and really increase the aesthetic value of a space. If you have any questions about vinyl fencing please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you on your way. 

We are proud to offer our vinyl fence installation services to the following counties in New Jersey:
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chain Link Fence NJ

There’s so many reasons why installing a chain link fence in NJ might be the best option for you. These fences are so prevalent and popular because they’re simple in design and work just as you’d want them to. They’re very affordable to purchase, and install which is a huge plus to anyone looking to install fencing around their property. Chain link is also very durable and easy to repair which makes them ideal for almost any setting. At Challenger Fence, our professional fence installers have the experience, equipment, and expertise to install your chain link fence in NJ. We are dedicated to providing residents and commercial owners with fence solutions that give protection, privacy, and security to your property. Below, we’re going to discuss a few reasons why chain link fencing will benefit your property.

When you think about chain link fencing, you might be thinking of the gray, metallic looking fences, and understandably so. Those are some of the most popular types of chain link fences around the world. But chain link fences come in a variety of different styles and colors. So no need to worry if gray on gray isn’t your thing. You have options.

As we mentioned earlier, a chain link fence in NJ is very affordable and easy to maintain and repair. The elements and unforeseen variables can really wear and break chain link fences. No need to worry though. You can have whole sections repaired so that they’re just as new for minimal hit to your wallet. Not a bad perk. Our large line of affordable chain link fences also come in a variety of sizes as well. So you can get them to go as high or low as you’d like within reason.

Many look to have an affordable chain link fence in NJ installed because they offer extra security. This sort of fences can help deter intruders or keep animals away and off of your property. Some people also choose to install chain link as a temporary option to surround their home or building. The affordability allows them to do so, and that’s why you see them surrounding events, and occasionally, new homes.

Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel so they’re sturdy in construction. A well-built and installed chain link fence can withstand the elements and other detriments for years and years. This fact is why this type of fence is so popular globally. If you have any questions about chain link fencing and our services please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help get you your fence as soon as possible. 

We serve the following counties in New Jersey with high quality chain link fence installation:

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Wood Fence Contractors NJ

Wood has such a timeless quality to it. Challenger Fence understands that, and we want to bring it to you with the care that it deserves. Installing a wooden fence really enhances the look of a space while offering substantial security and longevity. However, precise and careful installation requires wood fence contractors in NJ to ensure the job is completed with optimal results. At Challenger Fence, our professional wood fence contractors in NJ are trained and experienced with many types and styles of wood, wood fencing, and accents to create a unique and stylish boundary for your property. We work without delay to give your home or business a classic American appeal while offering the same protective features as other fencing materials. Below, we’ll give you a few reasons why a wood fence could be the great option for your property.

To start, wood fencing is a fairly inexpensive option to purchase and get installed. Our professionals know how to install these fences in a way that allow them to stay strong and reliable for years and years to come. Throughout our years of service, we've installed wood fences on flat and sloping properties alike. Our experts assess your property and form a strategy that allows your wooden fence to remain sturdy for years to come. Many reasons people decide to go with our wooden fences is because of this quality; we provide high quality wood fence installation service.

Wood is known to be the go-to material for construction for centuries because it just works, it’s consistent. When our expert wood fence contractors in NJ get to work on your property, we ensure sturdiness from here into the future. Wood isn’t an invincible material but it’s strong and easily maintained. Not only is it great in its aesthetic appeal, but also in its ability to secure your property from intrusion or prying eyes. When professionally installed, wooden fences are incredible at keeping things in and out.

One huge factor that makes wood fences so attractive is that they’re eco-friendly. Through their construction to installation, wood fences remain a viable, ecologically sound choice. Not only are they without chemicals, but they also require little to no chemicals to maintain. This makes it a sound choice for those with families or pets that like to hangout outside.

Wood is arguably the most popular choice when it comes to fencing around a home or property. That’s because it just lends a certain, highly coveted appeal that many people seek to emulate with their own spaces. As we mentioned earlier, wood holds a timeless quality. Sure it’s of substantial quality and strength, but if you ask most people, they love it for the beautiful aesthetic. Not to mention it also works perfectly for making your space truly your own. Allowing separation, and even dampening the sound of the neighborhood or city around you. If you have any questions for our wood fence contractors in NJ, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help get you on your way. 

We are proud to serve the following New Jersey counties with wood fence installation:
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