Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fence Installation in Passaic County, NJ

At Challenger Fence we offer high quality fences that will make you yard look beautiful and keep it safe from outside pests. We offer four types of versatile fences for any property, you can choose which you would like and we will install it for you. Each one of the four fences we supply for fence installation in Passaic County, NJ can provide beauty to any yard. 

We offer PVC Vinyl Fence, Chain-Link Fences, Aluminum Fences, and Wood Fences. Each one of our fences lets you choose the color and design that will best fit your yard. Every fence we offer for Fence installation in Passaic County, NJ has plenty of benefits for all customers. Our trained staff will help you decide which fence fits your yard perfectly. We’ll even give you a free estimate for any type of fence you’d like.

Our fence installers in Passaic County NJ have been in the business for more than a decade. Bringing high quality fences to Passaic County and keeping customers satisfied. Our staff will be happy to assist with any questions you may have for any of the four fences we supply. For more information on our fence installation in Passaic County in NJ call us at 973-772-2593

Below are the towns we serve in Passaic County:

Fence Installation in Bloomingdale, NJ                                          Fence Installation in Passaic, NJ
Fence Installation in Clifton, NJ                                                        Fence Installation in Paterson, NJ
Fence Installation in Haledon, NJ                                                    Fence Installation in Pompton lakes, NJ
Fence Installation in Haskell, NJ                                                      Fence Installation in Ringwood, NJ
Fence Installation in Hawthorne, NJ                                                Fence Installation in Totowa, NJ
Fence Installation in Hewitt, NJ                                                        Fence Installation in Wanaque, NJ 
Fence Installation in Little falls, NJ                                                  Fence Installation in Wayne, NJ
Fence Installation in Newfoundland, NJ                                         Fence Installation in West Milford, NJ

Monday, May 19, 2014

Aluminum Fence Installation NJ

Many people like the traditional iron fences look that can be used around any yard or pool. Iron fences do end up needing plenty of maintenance over time due to rusting. Aluminum fences in NJ have the same look as them, they just aren't iron. They don’t need much maintenance either and don’t rust.

Both fences look about the same but can offer different things. Aluminum fences are mainly used around pools as are iron fences. When you go to decide on a fence to choose for your pool or yard you should go towards an Aluminum fence in New Jersey. Without having to worry about much maintenance Aluminum fences are very strong and keep everyone safe. These fences can withstand any rain or snow storm that will end up causing iron to rust.

The installation for these fences can be very easy when you select Challenger Fence to do it in NJ. Just like an iron fence, Aluminum can be chosen in a huge variety of designs. Challenger Fence offers one of the top brands of aluminum fences, Jerith. When you choose an aluminum fence for your yard you’ll have the best one on the block. It’ll keep anyone safe in your yard and even around your pool. You’ll get the privacy you want with a strong and affordable fence.

If you’re interested in aluminum fence installation in NJ give us a call at 973-772-2593. We can offer Aluminum fences in NJ at fantastic prices you won’t believe. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

If you take a drive around town, you’ll notice many people are going towards vinyl fence installation in NJVinyl fencing in NJ has plenty of benefits, which make it stand out as one of the more popular fencing options.

There are plenty of designs to choose from when are looking for vinyl fence installation in NJ. Their design makes them well suited for privacy fencing. Vinyl fencing is also insusceptible to rot. Vinyl fencing in NJ doesn't need much maintenance at all. It can withstand rain, bugs and snow.

Choosing a vinyl fence in NJ will be doing the planet a favor by staying eco-friendly. All the materials that make up a vinyl fence are recycled and non-toxic. You can design your vinyl fence to best suit your needs, even a faux wood or another color. There are plenty of brands to choose from when you come to Challenger Fence.

We want you to get the premier vinyl fence in NJ that you can, by designing it any way you’d like. We offer vinyl fence installation in NJ at fantastic prices.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NJ Fence Installers

Challenger Fence are premier NJ fence installers, with over twenty years of service. We ensure that the type of fencing we install fits your needs, whether you are fencing in a whole yard or just around a swimming pool. Challenger Fence offers many different types of fences, completely customizable for your liking.

Our NJ fence installers offer:
Vinyl Fencing in NJ – A perfect no hassle fencing option. Vinyl fencing only requires periodic cleaning with soap and water. If you find that the color has become outdated, you are able to paint them.
Chain Link Fencing in NJ– One of the most versatile and secure fencing options. Perfect for a family with pets and children, chain link fencing also deters unwanted animals from entering your property.
Wood Fencing in NJ – A classic look that is completely customizable to your liking. Whether you choose an elegant stain, or a bold color, wooden fences are perfect if you update your home frequently.
Aluminum Fencing in NJ – This type of fencing gives your home the stately appearance, at a fraction of the price tag. One of the sturdiest fences, aluminum fencing is specifically designed to give the appearance of wrought iron fencing, but nowhere near as expensive.

Challenger Fence only employs licensed NJ fence installers, ensuring that our work is high-quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you would like to know more about our NJ fence installers, or about any of our NJ fence products, call 
Challenger Fence today and speak with one of our professional and friendly staff members.

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