Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vinyl Fence Contractor in NJ

As a leading vinyl fence contractor in NJ, we provide homes with a modern American aesthetic for their property. For businesses, a vinyl fence serves as a easily maintained boundary for privacy. For over a decade, we've been a vinyl fence contractor in NJ dedicated to giving your property an updated look you can enjoy for decades to come. It's no surprise that vinyl fencing is popular around the U.S., the benefits it provides while integrating  a wide range of styles and colors add appeal to many homes and businesses.

For a long time, the thought of a classic American home came as a garden against a white picket fence, painted by a young neighbor or repaired by dad. With the introduction of polyvinyl fences, warm notions of a humble home remain without the necessity of paint and regular repair. Installed by a vinyl fence contractor in NJ, your vinyl fence will keep its look without rust or rot. Available in picket fence styles, a vinyl fence doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the look you desire.

When you meet with us as a vinyl fence contractor in NJ, you can be sure that we're committed to promptly installing your vinyl fence with years of experience, knowledge, and the right equipment. We work hard to keep our customers satisfied while providing a vinyl fence to fit their needs. As a trusted vinyl fence contractor in NJ, we pride ourselves on our quality of installation and service.

We are a vinyl fence contractor in NJ who also specialize in the installation of the following fence types:

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation in NJ

Invented accidentally in 1926 by Waldo Semon, polyvinyl has since developed into an easily maintained plastic, a staple to American homes - and vinyl privacy fence installation in NJ has surged because of it. Our family-owned company has more than a decade's worth of experience providing residents with a fence that looks great, is easy to clean, and lasts long. With a variety of vinyl fences to choose from, you'll find one that gives your home added personality for years to come.

Our vinyl privacy fence installation in NJ blends years of experience, expertise, knowledge, and the tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer vinyl privacy fences for backyards or areas where peeping eyes may take away from your comfort. In your own yard you shouldn't have to worry about people watching you, and we can help to add a pleasing barrier between you and prying eyes. We've spoken to the many benefits of vinyl fence installation in NJ, like not requiring painting, no rust, non-combustible, and many others. The aesthetic that a vinyl privacy fence adds to your home is really what draws many NJ residents to them; they simply look great!

We provide quality vinyl privacy fence installation in NJ at affordable prices. Our professional team works hard with your satisfaction in mind, and we can help you choose the right option to keep your yard safe and your family happy. We carry leading brands like Easterns Illusions vinyl as well as craft our own polyvinyl chloride products on-site. When the job's done, you can spend time relaxing in your yard rather than always performing repairs and

We offer vinyl privacy fence installation in NJ to many towns and cities including:

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost in NJ

Vinyl fence installation cost in NJ varies depending on the size of your yard. The price is most affected by the square footage in which installation is occurring. While there are other costs to consider - and we'll delve into them - keep in mind that the majority of vinyl fence installation cost in NJ comes from the fence materials itself and how much will be needed for completion of the job.

For basic-grade vinyl fencing, a vinyl fence installation cost in NJ for a yard of 25 square feet might cost somewhere between $450-500. This, again does not include other fees like labor, materials, supplies, and equipment. Vinyl fence installation requires specialty equipment like a post hole auger, miller saw, pneumatic nailer, and portable concrete mixer - among others to ensure the job done expertly and efficiently.

At Challenger Fence, we make our own polyvinyl chloride products on-site by our skilled craftsmen. Because vinyl fence never needs to be painted, does not rot, will not combust or become damaged by insects, and requires little more than household products and a hose to clean, vinyl fence installation cost in NJ is a slightly higher. Trust us, you'll save on these fences in the long-run from low levels of maintenance and repair. Our vinyl fence installation in NJ provides expert service and priority on your satisfaction. It is our goal to have your yard looking great for a price that fits your budget.

We can provide estimates for vinyl fence installation cost in NJ to the following areas:

A vinyl fence will give your yard a beautiful, updated look without a watchful eye to make sure it remains beautiful. For more information about vinyl fence installation cost in NJ, call us today at (973) 772-2593.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vinyl Fence Company in NJ

Are you in the market for a vinyl fence company in NJ? Growing in popularity, a vinyl fence enclosure provides a clean, modern aesthetic to your home without the trouble of maintenance. Our family-owned business has over a decade's worth of experience as a trusted vinyl fence company in NJ. We know the precision and care necessary to make sure your fence is both properly installed and secure.

In 1926, vinyl was accidentally discovered by Waldo Semon who was commissioned to develop a bonding adhesive for metal and rubber. When he found himself in short supply of bromide, he turned to chloride and heat as substitutes, resulting in polyvinyl chloride. Upon the creation of polyvinyl, Semon created various molds and coatings for wires and tools but was unsuccessful in his original intent. Fortunately, the many uses of PVC eventually gave us vinyl fencing; a dependable fence option crafted from one of the most versatile plastics ever created.

Vinyl fencing in NJ is extremely popular - by no accident. Vinyl fencing offers a longer life than wood and aluminum, mainly because it doesn't rot, rust, or allow insects a place to live. Vinyl fence panels do not require painting or intense cleanings; a hose sprayed on it removes most debris and dirt build-up. Vinyl fencing is considered a "good neighbor" fence, so the family next-door doesn't have to worry about seeing the back of your fence.

Like the classic picket fence (now available in vinyl), vinyl fencing is becoming an iconic American staple and more are turning to it as a long-lasting alternative to other fencing methods. Our vinyl fence company in NJ specializes in installation of many types of vinyl fence to give your home added personality.

Our vinyl fence company in NJ offers a variety of vinyl fencing, including:
When thinking of installing vinyl fencing in NJ, trust a family-owned company with the experience to ensure the job is done right. For more information about our vinyl fence company in NJ  or any of our fences available in our fence catalog, call us today at (973) 772-2593.