Monday, November 30, 2015

Fence Installation in NJ

Challenger Fence offers over a decade's worth of experience, knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction when performing professional fence installation in NJ. We are proud to serve the residents of New Jersey with expert methods, working without delay to outfit your property with a fence to suit your needs. 

If you’re installing a new fence around your property, you need to decide upon a few things. Firstly, what is the purpose of the fence? Are you installing the fence as a protective barrier around your home, yard, or garden? Are you installing the fence to fulfill a city ordinance, government permit, or other regulation? Are you installing one to keep your neighbor on one side and your family on the other? Are you installing it simply for the look and curb appeal? Or some combination thereof? No matter the answer, we perform affordable fence installation in NJ to give you privacy, adhere to city ordinances, or enhance the appearance of your property.

Next, you need to determine the type of material you want for the fence. We have an assortment of styles, colors, and patterns (which you can read about below) that can be built around the variety of materials. The most common types of fences include wood, chain link, and more recently, vinyl. For more sophisticated options, there are quality stones and materials used in fencing composites. These include amethyst, marble, granite, and bedrock. While you may have an idea in mind, we can guide you through styles of fence installation in NJ to adorn your property.

After you’ve determined your purpose and selected the preferred material, you will need to select a style of fencing. There are Dogwood, Arrowwood, Juniper, and Moonstone options for either fully private or semi-private fences. Chestnut, Silverbell, and Greenbrier fences are open to let the world into the cracks on the fence. The first too can be modified to come in an incline, also known as a scalloped fence. And the high quality stone materials we mentioned above will most likely come on a drop rail fence. These fences are studier and more elegant than other varieties. Even if you select another style fence for your yard, you may want one of these flashier fences for your driveway or around a pool.

We serve the following areas with expert fence installation in NJ:

If you have any questions about any of the options for fence installation in NJ, please contact Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593. If you have an idea in mind, let us help you build the fence of your dreams.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for professional vinyl fence installation in NJ? Challenger Fence has over a decade's worth of experience outfitting properties with fencing solutions that provide privacy, look great, and last for years. Our professionals are trained experts, and we are committed to your satisfaction. 

A fence is the barrier between your property and the outside world. It can even be the dividing line between two properties. Fences are installed for a variety of reasons: government mandates, permit requirements, separation, privacy, security, and more. Fences also come in a variety of materials: wood, chain link, mesh, and more. But one of the newest fencing materials is causing a big splash in the industry. We’re speaking, of course, about modern vinyl fence installation in NJ.

Vinyl is the newest item homeowners are choosing for fencing, and with due purpose. First of all, vinyl is an affordable option. The material is a composite of other components, which means that it’s both incredibly easy to make and install. The portions can be cut to size, and used in any number of construction areas. The fence is just one of the most apparent. Affordable vinyl fence installation in NJ means that your property is given an aesthetic and private addition at a price well below other materials.

Vinyl has other benefits besides its price. The surface requires little to no maintenance. It won’t rust like chain link and it won’t take water damage like wood. The most we can ask you to do for your vinyl fence is wash it down with soap and water when it stains. And the most you’d have to do to keep up its appearance is paint it every few years. The rest, as we say, takes care of itself.

Another reason our customers have gravitated towards vinyl is the design and customization options it gives you. You can find the fencing material in any number of cuts, patterns, colors, and styles. When you choose our expert vinyl fence installation in NJ, we can guide you through the variety of options available to you. There are popular options that are meant to emulate the other fencing options, including the traditional wooden fence look. You can select a vinyl fence that fully blocks your home and yard from the view of your neighbors, or you can go with the horse stable model of three solid bars and lots of open space. And everything in between.

Vinyl is cheap, durable, and super customizable. Many homeowners are turning to vinyl fence installation in NJ because of its price, low-maintenance, and durability.

We are proud to perform vinyl fence installation in NJ to the following areas:

For more information about vinyl fence installation in NJ, contact Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chain Link Fence Installation in Bergen County, NJ

You may be overwhelmed when considering fencing options. There is wood, vinyl, and mesh fencing available, and you don’t know what to select. Have you considered traditional chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ? If you were considering one of the other materials in place of chain link, this list is for you. At Challenger Fence, we've been installing fences for residents and commercial properties in North NJ for over a decade. Our professional installers use their skills, knowledge, and experience to give homes and offices an updated appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and offers protection against intrusion. Below are the top four reasons chain link fences are worth your consideration.


Fencing can be expensive. You may not realize it at first, because materials are usually sold by the square foot or in otherwise smaller chunks. You will realize it, however, when you decide to fence a large area. Chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ is quite economic, and it serves all your needs well.

Let the Sun Shine

While you may select wood or vinyl for its privacy, you may consider chain link for the opposite reason. Nobody wants to be completely exposed. But chain link gives you the best of both worlds. You can have the sunlight and exposure to the street whilst also having a protective barrier to protect your family.

Less Maintenance

You will almost never have to wash a chain link fence. And forget about painting it. Chain link fences require almost no maintenance and will last for years and years. The only problem that may come up is rusting, but that is easy to take care of in the event of serious damage. 


When you look at most sports fields or grounds, you’ll notice a chain link fence. Why is that? Because the fence won’t break if a ball comes running full speed at it. Or even if a man comes running full speed at it. Chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ are durable against all sorts of human error. They will even hold up against the rain, wind, and other natural threats.

At Challenger Fence, we pride ourselves with our exceptional chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ methods, using high-quality materials and installation to leave your property secured and updated. 

For more information about chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

We are proud to provide Bergen County with chain link fence installation, including:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fence Company in Bergen County, NJ

When thinking about a fence, your first idea is that it represents a barrier between your home and the outside world. This is true, but fences are utilized for a variety of reasons. Whether they be for the safety of children or pets, or come as a result of a government ordered permit, there are many reasons you may install a fence around your home. The right fence company in Bergen County NJ will take these things into consideration when you meet with them to discuss your needs. At Challenger Fence, we have over a decade of trusted service, earning us the reputation as a leading high-quality fence company in Bergen County NJ. Our professional installers take pride in our ability to promptly give your home an updated look with fence installation, using our years of experience and training to outfit your home with a welcoming addition for friends and guests.

Fencing has more than just an assortment of uses. They can also come in a number of building materials. Mesh is popular around pools and other small areas that need to be separated from the main property or yard. Still, the three most common fencing materials our professionalfence company in Bergen County NJ is asked about are wood, vinyl, and chain link.

Wood is tradition. In the past, nearly every facet of the American home was crafted from wood. Those days may be long gone, but the material has stood the test of time with fences. Wood is easy to clean and maintain. But the real benefits of wood come from two areas: privacy and beauty. Wooden boards can provide ample security for you and your family in the yard. And who can ignore how great a wooden fence looks.
Vinyl is a newer fencing option, but it’s making a big statement. Vinyl fences are by far the cheapest of the materials used. They are also easy to maintain. Maintenance for vinyl is often as simple as a bucket of soap water or paint. A vinyl fence is also resistant to rust and water damage found in chain link and wood, respectively.

Chain link fences are the image you probably conjure up when pressed to think about a fence. You will find chain link fences all across the country. That is because they are cheap and very easy to install. These fences are also quite adaptable and can be shaped to suit almost any need.

There are more materials on the market, but these three are the most common. Our prompt fence company in Bergen County NJ is equipped to install these three styles of fence for your home, depending of course on your preference. Give Challenger Fence a call today for more information about our leading fence company in Bergen County NJ and to discuss an estimate.

We proudly install fences in Bergen County NJ, including these areas:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Vinyl Fence Installation in Bergen County, NJ

 Long gone are the days when wood and chain link options were your only fencing possibilities. We live in a world where materials are constantly being developed and improved upon, including vinyl fence installation in Bergen County NJ. Its application to the home comes in many forms. One of these uses is to provide your home with a cheap, durable, and beautiful fencing choice. At Challenger Fence, we've seen the rapid growth of vinyl fence popularity over the course of the years, and give our customers high-quality vinyl and installation services to provide years of trusted use. There are many reasons why we would suggest adding a vinyl fence to your home. Below, we’ve assembled the top four reasons you should consider vinyl fence installation in Bergen County NJ.


It is no secret that installing a fence around your home can be a pricey endeavor. Vinyl, a material used on fences beginning in the 1980s, is by far the cheapest option on the market. For a fraction of the cost of other materials, you can have a wonderful new fence that adds serious value to your home. Saving money is one thing everybody agrees on.

Design and Flexibility

Vinyl is a fairly adaptable surface. It can be molded to a wide variety of patterns and uses. You can even select a vinyl fence in an alternate color, if white is not your style. Vinyl is so moldable even, that the material can emulate the wooden fences at a fraction of the cost. If your home’s design is something you care about, then vinyl fence installation in Bergen County NJ may be the solution for you.

Safe for the Planet

Vinyl is a less toxic material to the environment than many other home renovation materials. All fences made from vinyl use recycled materials, meaning you’ll create less waste and buildup in our landfills with vinyl. The material is very easy to manufacture, meaning there is less destruction to our planet in the creation of your fence. Be smart and care about our planet.


This is perhaps the main reason why vinyl fencing surpasses the other options. A fence made from vinyl will last years to come. The maintenance is almost non-existent. The most we could ask of you to do is clean your fence using a sponge and some soap water. Other than that, you may decide to paint the fence every few years. The vinyl will not rust or take water damage like chain link and wood. In all, vinyl will make your life easier in terms of maintaining your property’s appeal.

Our prompt vinyl fence installation in Bergen County NJ means that you can begin enjoying your home addition without delay. Our installers have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to perform vinyl installation while working with you to give your home a modernized look that can withstand the elements. 

For more information about vinyl fence installation in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

We install vinyl fencing to the following areas of Bergen County NJ:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wood Fence Installation in Bergen County, NJ

Wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ around your property is more than an American tradition. There are countless reasons why homeowners continue to select wooden fences. At Challenger Fence, our installation methods over the past decade have outfitted homes with fencing that is both welcoming and protective against intruding eyes and unwanted guests. Our professional installers use their knowledge and years of experience to promptly install wood fencing and give your home a classic Americana feel right out classic American literature--however our installers don't wear overalls and straw hats.

It’s more than just a perpetual habit, a wood fence adds much benefit to the home. We’ve assembled a list of the top four reasons wooden fence installation in Bergen County NJ can benefit your property below.

Design and Curb Appeal

This is perhaps the top reason why homeowners continue to select wood for their preferred fencing material. Wood looks great around your home, there is no denying that. In our years of experience installing fences, we’ve seen homes go from worn-out and shabby to fresh and beautiful with just a new wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ. Aside from making your home look great, the added curb appeal will also increase your home’s value. Nobody can argue with that.

Stay Private

Nobody wants their entire life to be on display. We may be far from the events in the “Truman Show,” but still we are exposed when sitting in our yard or garden. Passersby and neighbors have a full glimpse of you and your family living their lives. Nobody is saying you have something to hide. But we are claiming that privacy will help you live more comfortably.

Be Safe

In line with the idea of privacy mentioned above, there are others who may be sneaking a peak at you besides your neighbors. Threats exist in any neighborhood, and with a simple fence you can deter them and keep them away from your family. Wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ is durable and won’t fall down easily. This means the distance between you and harm is increased with a proper fence.

Keep Property Lines in Play

Another reason why homeowners go with a fence around their home is to have a clear distinction between their property and that of their neighbor. In some communities, this line is blurred. Sharing is caring, indeed. But if you’re paying for the property, you deserve full use of your yard. With a wooden fence, you can make a plain statement of where your home begins and ends.

At Challenger Fence, we are dedicated to providing high-quality wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ. Our methods create wood fencing that will look great for years to come. For more information about  wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

We provide wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ to the following areas: