Friday, December 4, 2015

Fence Installer in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for a professional fence installer in Bergen County NJ? Challenger Fence's experts have over a decade of experience bringing the residents of New Jersey a variety of fencing solutions to accentuate and secure your property. We use industry standard equipment combined with our knowledge to install fences for you without delay. 

So you’ve decided to install a new fence around your property or replace the one you currently have. While you may have an idea in mind as to the style and materials you want to install, the truth is the options can seem a little overwhelming. There are always new types of fences coming to the market, and created in new design patterns. For this purpose, we’ve decided to help you narrow your choices. We’ve assembled a list of the four most popular fencing materials our customers choose time and time again.


Vinyl fences are the newest option on the market. Vinyl is also cost-effective and requires the least amount of maintenance. Vinyl can be crafted to the fence in any number of fashions, including private, semi-private, posts, and rails. These fences will retain their appeal for years to come, without rust, paint, or water damage. In recent years, vinyl fencing has become a popular style for our expert fence installer in Bergen County NJ.


Yes, wood is the construction material of choice for homeowners in the traditional mindset. Wood has been used for a long time, and the reason we still find it commonly installed is because it works. Wood is cheaper than other options, but it does require a little bit of maintenance. This is not a problem for most of our customers, as they choose wood in combination with their love of handiwork.

Chain Link

This is the most economical option on the list, and our affordable fence installer in Bergen County NJ can guide you through the styles we provide. It is also the most commonplace in American homes, probably for that very reason. There are options in chain link fencing to vary the color and pattern design on the fence. Still, these are the most basic in terms of curb appeal.


Aluminum fencing is another relatively new fencing option. Unlike vinyl, however, it will require a little maintenance to keep rust and wear away. It can be easily treated by the careful homeowner, and if so, it looks brilliant and strong. The benefit of aluminum fencing is that it will emulate the studier metal options, such as cast iron and galvanized steel.

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