Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Privacy Fencing in New Jersey

Finding Privacy Fencing to Suit Your Needs
As you probably know, fences come in multiple styles and for different purposes. Walls typically prevent unauthorized intrusion in the name of insecurity and should guarantee to do so for years. Privacy isn’t normally a significant factor unless it is meant to prevent peering eyes away from seeing private assets.
Privacy fencing typically applies when you are trying to keep the outsiders from looking at your home or when you don’t like the view outside of your house. You might be safeguarding your swimming pool or just adding an extra boost to your curb appeal while keeping it private, too. Whatever you are trying to attain or if it’s a privacy fence in New Jersey, Challenger Fence Inc can help you achieve it.
Privacy Fence in New Jersey

Deciding Factors:
Whereas any material can be used, always consider the benefits and demerits of every material. If you opt for wooden fences, go for one of pine, spruce, redwood, cypress and cedar. A fencing contractor will tell you that all of them can last beyond the proverbial 2-year target, albeit with regular maintenance.
Alternatively, you can use vinyl materials as they don’t rot away. If it is wood, board-on-board and stockade ought to be on your rudder.  At Challenger Fence we have many materials and styles to choose from so you can sure to find a privacy fence that not only suits your needs, but also looks wonderful.
Spacing and Design
You are expecting to block sight lines, and thus a solid fencing material is essential. If you are for wooden materials, tightly spaced vertical boards and framed panels are the best. Vinyl materials are quite versatile and flexible, and you can get a couple of them that suit your needs. Remember, if you aren’t using concrete walls, a tight space along with a matching design should be emphasized. About the height, 6 feet tall should be the minimum height.
Maintenance - easily repairable and replaceable
As much as wooden fences offer excellent privacy fencing solutions, they need regular and timely maintenance. They should be kept in their pristine condition to provide a better value for your investment. Aluminum and vinyl fences may require little or no maintenance and still serve their intended purpose. Always consider installing a fence that can be easily removed too.
The best fencing contractor
There’s no problem fencing your home on your own. However, since the whole task needs someone who understands the job well and has the right tools, you have no option, but to find a reliable contractor. Challenger Fence has been around for years, we have been ranked as knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.
Final words
Privacy fencing is a perfect way of maximizing your home’s outdoor space while culturing a care-free environment. Privacy also comes with an extra sense of security, meaning that provided the fence is kept well, insecurity will not be a problem.
Considering a privacy fence in New Jersey? Hire Challenger Fence to install it and you will not be disappointed.  Call us today at (973) 772-2593.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Fence Installation In Bergen County NJ

5 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Your Fence Installation

If you are anything like me, you like to know your limits- except that just when you thought you had reached it, you stretch further. This is why we readily try new things and learn more; we want to be able to do as much as we can, and it is commendable. However, when it comes to security, we cannot afford to gamble or put anything at stake. This is because of the fragility that accompanies even the most active life. One area where people easily compromise their security is in the area of fence installation. You cannot afford to ‘see if you will do a good job’ when it comes to fence installation. Rather, you should hand it over to Challenger Fence Inc for the best results. Here are five reasons to hire them for fence installation in Bergen County NJ:
Fence Installation in Bergen County NJ
Without a fence, you are open to the world and while there may be no big deal to this, remember you are also exposing yourself to dangerous people who can easily make you a target. If you have anything to lose, the best thing is to shield yourself from threat to these. Experts at Challenger Fence Inc will ensure that your fence is installed with accuracy and secure your privacy to a large extent.

Pests, Insects and Wild Animals Have Become a Nuisance
If your expectation from your garden has ever been cut off by thieving squirrel or your cool relaxation has been severely interrupted by insects, then it is time to get a fence. A fence will not only keep your activities from prying eyes, it will from annoying animals and an expert can ensure that this is properly done.

Nosy Neighbors
Sometimes, what we want out of our lives may not be life-threatening but may still be annoying enough. Such is the case of nosy neighbors and their lousy timing. Even if you love socializing, it should be on your terms, which is why you need a properly installed fence.

Keep the Noise Down
If you live near a busy highway or a busy street, you need a fence…now! However, you have to ensure that your fence is properly installed to withstand and reduce the noise. Challenger Fence Inc
Fence Installation in Bergen County NJ
will be able to select the exact type of wood you need to get this result.

Your Old Fence Is Falling Apart
Okay, fences hardly fall apart but the effect of an ineffective fence can make it seem so. Maybe you previously installed a fence for its own sake but now that you need it most, it’s failing or you inherited one that’s not up to the task? When Challenger Fence Inc installs fence, it lasts because of all the considerations put into it.
It’s time you stopped taking little chances on the security of your life, properties and the lives of those you care about. Choose the sustainable and guaranteed way to install a fence by involving an expert from Challenger Fence Inc. It will cost less in the long run.

For more Information about fence installation in Bergen county NJ, contact Challenger Fence Inc. at (973) 772-2593.

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Vinyl Fence Installers in NJ

Vinyl Fence Installers

Vinyl fences come as board and rail systems or panel systems. They are a great way to secure your home. However, the fence looks great only when the posts are set plumb and in a straight line. Thus, it is important to hire a competent vinyl fence installer to have a straight fence. Challenger Fences Inc is a vinyl fence installer in NJ that will do a fantastic job on all your fencing needs.

Vinyl fence Installers in NJ
What are the costs of having a vinyl fence?

Vinyl fences are an important investment, call Challenger Fences Inc and they will be happy to give you a free quote that reflects your fencing project.

The costs of materials

The cost per linear foot of the picket fence depends entirely on the style or the color, but in general picket fences are low cost and Challenger Fences Inc can easily install them. They generally utilize posts as the vertical supports for the fence. Concrete is generally poured at the base of the posts to secure them in position.

Depending on your preferences the style of the fence will affect the cost. But with Challenger Fences Inc's great variety there will be no doubt you find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price. The picket fences are a little short and may not provide you with the privacy you may desire. However, they are good at keeping your pets safe as well as defining your boundaries in which you can allow a safe, moving vehicle free space for children to play in.

The privacy vinyl fences have the posts put close together such that the outsiders would not see through the material. They are also a great way to keep away noise if you live near a busy road or marketplace. The fence can be as high as 6 feet tall or even taller depending on your preferences.

Additional costs

Vinyl Fence Installers in NJ
Apart from the common white vinyl colored fence, you may decide to have other options. They include brown, beige, red hues and a variety of mixed colors. You can also go for wood-looking vinyl. While this may add to the cost, with Challenger Fences Inc’s experience and expertise you’ll be glad you made the investment. Other may homeowners go for embellishments on the posts and decorative touches on the top of the slats—both of which Challenger Fences Inc can provide for you.

Labor costs 

Because they have been around for many years, and since they do such an amazing job, Challenger Fences Inc’s labor fees are very fair. The costs include preparation of the area and cleanup after the installation is completed. A fence by vinyl fence installers in NJ like Challenger Fences Inc is durable and looks better than one done by less qualified individuals. In fact, the beauty of the vinyl fence is the biggest consideration after durability.

For more information about vinyl fence installers in NJ please don’t hesitate to contact Challenger Fences Inc at 937-772-2593 as they are ready to make your vinyl fence dreams come true.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chain Link Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for chain link fence installation in NJ? At Challenger Fence, our professional fence installers have the knowledge and experience to install many types of fencing to enclose your property, including chain link fencing. Chain link is a durable material with little maintenance that will provide you with security for years.

Questions to Ask Before Installing Chain Link Fence
Installing a chain link fence can be a big decision, even when hiring Challenger Fence to do the job for you. Keeping the following considerations in mind can help ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the end results and that your fence will do everything you need it to do.

Why do you need a fence?
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’ll coincide with numerous other decisions down the line. Do you need a fence around your entire property, or just around the AC unit? Are you trying to protect your garden from animal pests, or is there another reason you need the fence? Being specific will help you make other decisions down the line. 

What is your budget?
Everyone has a budget, and knowing yours will help determine which materials and how much fencing you will need. At Challenger Fence, we offer a free fence installation quote, so you can be sure you will not go over budget.

What logistical issues or restrictions exist?
As you begin planning for your chain link fence, investigate whether there are any zoning code restrictions or required permits for your fence. This might limit what you are able to do.Depending on where you’re building your fence, you might need to find out some additional information as well, such as where your property line is located.

What types of materials are available?
Chain link fencing is known for its function, rather than its beauty. However, you still have a few options at your disposal. Some chain link fencing is now available in different colors and finishes, allowing for stylistic touches that weren’t possible in the past.

How can your contractor help?
Our chain link fence contractors can help you work through many of these decisions and issues, so don’t worry if you’re unsure how to begin. We also have a gallery of past fences we have installed on our website, so you can get an idea of our work.

For more information about our chain link fence installation, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fence Company in NJ

Are you looking for a fence company in NJ? At Challenger Fence, our expert fence contractors have been constructing and installing fences for almost 20 years. We offer vinyl/PVC fencing, chain-link fencing, wood fencing, and aluminum fencing in different styles, colors and designs. Our fences are built not only to add that extra beautiful touch to your property, but also improve the safety and privacy of your yard.

Installing a fence requires planning and technical knowledge depending on the kind of fence you want to install. Some complexities may arise when installing a fence and this is why it is advisable that you hire Challenger Fence.

Challenger Fence employs professionals in the fencing field. This means that things will be much easier for them than you handling the fencing yourself. They will complete the job in a timely manner because they are used to every bit of the job, and they are qualified for it.

Fencing is not something that can be done with a hammer, some nails, and the fencing materials. It requires more than that to install a fence correctly. Different types of fences will need various specific tools to complete. We have these specific tools readily available, and have the experience and expertise that is required to use them. 

Our experienced fencing contractors will give you advice on the type of fence you should use depending on your environment and the surrounding areas. You might have the right fence in mind, but we might have better options that will intrigue you if you consider them.

Challenger Fence offers a selection of fence solutions to match your unique personal style. 

The main aim of our fencing company is to finish the job on time and finish it with appealing results. The advantages of hiring Challenger Fence will outweigh the benefits of doing the job yourself. 

For more information about our fence company in NJ, call Challenger Fence today.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Commercial Fence Installation in NJ

Are you in need of commercial fence installation in NJ? Challenger Fence has been providing commercial property owners with fence installation for almost 20 years. Our professional fence contractors have the experience and skills necessary to install vinyl/PVC fences, wood fences, chain link fences, and aluminum fences in a variety of colors, heights and styles. 

Challenger Fence has been a licensed and insured fencing company since 1998. Experience comes first in commercial fence installation because this is a fence that is going to last for a long time and it’s going to be used to value the property.

Our commercial fence installation in NJ will give you a wider range of fencing materials to choose from and advise you on the type of fence that you should install. You might think that you have the perfect design in mind, but if you are open to ideas, we can give you insights to a better fence installation to improve the security and privacy of your business.

Some fences, like perimeter security fences will require technical knowledge and expertise to install. The fence is going to serve a security purpose, and we all know how important security is to everyone. At Challenger Fence, our professional commercial fencing contractors will work hard to ensure that your environment is left in the best condition.

You will get dedicated services with our commercial fencing company. We will give you a free estimate for your job layouts and specifications. Our fence contractors have tools that will make the job easier, so we can finish the job in a timely manner, for an affordable price. No matter which type of our fencing materials you choose from, we know which products will suit your property, and we will give you credible reasons why you should choose them.

The kind of expertise and experience that is needed to do commercial fencing will be offered by Challenger Fence. Whether it is an industry, school, playground or other public facilities, choose our fencing company to do the commercial fencing for your commercial property.

For more information about our commercial fence installation in NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fence Contractors in NJ

Are you looking for a fence contractor in NJ? Challenger Fence provides a variety of installation services for properties and decks, including PVC/vinyl fence installations, chain-link fence installations, aluminum fence installations and wood fence installations.

At Challenger Fence, we have over a decade of trusted service, earning us the reputation as a leading high-quality fence company in NJ. Our professional installers take pride in our ability to promptly give your home an updated look with fence installation, using our years of experience and training to create a beautiful yard for you.

Fencing has more than just an assortment of uses. They can also come in a number of building materials. The four most common fencing materials our professional fence contractors in NJ work with are wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum.


Vinyl fences are the newest option on the market. Vinyl is cost-effective and requires the least amount of maintenance. This material can be crafted to the fence in any number of fashions, including private, semi-private, posts, and rails. These fences will retain their appeal for years to come, without rust, paint, or water damage.


Wood is the construction material of choice for homeowners in the traditional mindset. It has been used for a long time, and the reason we still find it commonly installed is because it works. Wood is cheaper than other options, but it does require a little bit of maintenance. 

Chain Link

This is the most economical option on the list. It is also the most commonplace in American homes, probably for that very reason. There are options in chain link fencing to vary the color and pattern design on the fence. Still, these are the most basic in terms of curb appeal.


Unlike vinyl, aluminum will require a little maintenance to keep rust and wear away. It can be easily treated by the careful homeowner. The benefit of aluminum fencing is that it will emulate the sturdier metal options, such as cast iron and galvanized steel.

Challenger Fence outfits properties across New Jersey with durable fences. Our professional fence installers have years of experience with many fence materials and the installation process. We work with home and property owners to ensure that your fence provides years of reliable use. When we begin a fence project, we look at the terrain and landscape of your property, adjusting installation for any sloping or obstacles that may impact your fence. Committed to your satisfaction, we work hard to deliver attractive results that give you the privacy your looking for while elevating your property's curb appeal and value.

For more information about our fence contractors in NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for vinyl fence installation in NJ? Challenger Fence has over a decade of knowledge and expertise in vinyl fences that will give your yard the aesthetic you want to achieve. Our skilled craftsmen make our polyvinyl chloride products on-site. If you are looking for a low-maintenance fence for your property, vinyl fence is the option to choose.

If you’re looking for a fence that will stand the test of time, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl fences have a flexibility that is unrivaled by their wooden counterparts. Wood is far more likely to crack and break under the pressures of intense weather conditions. Vinyl will just stand as if it were any other day. 
Vinyl fencing comes in many different styles that typically fall into one of three categories: privacy, picket, and shadowbox. Privacy panels look like solid walls, and are a good choice for a swimming pool or any other area that you want protected from prying eyes. Picket fences do not completely block the surrounding view, but they have the appeal of wholesome American charm, and they still serve to delineate property boundaries. Last but not least, shadowbox fences also provide solid coverage, but with alternating panels on each side to give the fence a uniform look. There are also plenty of decorative touches and colors you can choose from, to make sure that your vinyl fence fits your personal style and goes well with your property.
At Challenger Fence, our vinyl fences are eco-friendly and are made from recycled, non-toxic materials. Not only will these fences never need another coat of paint, but they will neither rust nor corrode. If you are searching for a fence that is resistant to damage and will endure the long run, choose our vinyl fence installation in NJ.

For more information about our vinyl fence installation in NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973_ 772-2593.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fence Company in NJ

Are you in need of a fence company in NJ? Challenger Fence is a family owned and operated company that has been providing New Jersey residents with fence installations for more than 10 years. At Challenger Fence, our professional fence installers take pride in our ability to promptly give your home an updated look.

At Challenger Fence, we offer a wide selection of fencing materials. This includes wood, chain link, and vinyl, among others. Our fences vary in height, color and design depending on personal preferences and the style of fence you decide on. 

For example, a popular trend with chain-link fences is the color coating style to blend in or stand out against your property. Our wood fences can also be customized, from the color wood to the paint. The selection of fence styles and designs we carry will fit with your aesthetic and your budget.

Challenger Fence's contractors brings expert skills, fence installation methods, and precision to homeowners and commercial property owners in New Jersey. Our family-owned business is focused on providing you with the privacy and security you are looking for - while remaining within your budget. 

Our skilled fence contractors work with you to deliver remarkable results for your property, enhancing appearance, property value, and your quality of living. Whether you are looking for a picket fence or 8 foot privacy fence, we have the expertise to complete your fence within your time-frame.

For more information about our Fence Company in NJ, call Challenger Fence today.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for a fence installation in NJIf you are interested in adding a level of safety and privacy for your property, Challenger Fence Inc. is your source for fence installation in NJ. Challenger Fence Inc. is a family-owned fence company NJ that is fully-licensed and insured. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality fencing solutions for properties. 

At Challenger Fence, we provide our customers with the options of vinyl/PVC fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences or wood fences. Our vinyl fences are created at Challenger Fence Inc. by our very own craftsmen and have the ability to last through all types of weather without rusting and do not require any coats of paint after installation. Our aluminum fences provide visual appeal while protecting your property. Our chain link fences are designed to secure your home from intruders. And our wood fences we install are both practical, versatile and appealing to the eye.

Our fences vary in height, color and design depending on personal preferences and the style of fence you decide on. For example, a popular trend with chain-link fences is the color coating style to blend in or stand out against your property. Our wood fences can also be customized to your desire from the color wood to the paint or even left in its natural state. The selection of fence styles and designs we carry will fit with your aesthetic and your budget.

At Challenger Fence, we carry fences from leading fence manufacturers, such as:
For more information about fence installation in NJ, call Challenger Fence today.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Vinyl Fence Installation in New Jersey

Vinyl Fence Installation

So, you are getting ready for a vinyl fence installation in NJ. As with any fence installation, setting up a vinyl fence in is a multi-step, multi-day process. Not all homeowners in New Jersey necessarily have time to commit to this sort of project, and that’s where Challenger Fence comes in to help. Having the services of a fence contractor with the experience and expertise Challenger Fence possesses can ensure that your fence is set up and looking good in no time. But even before you make that call and contact Challenger Fence, it is important to know the specific advantages of having a vinyl fence.

Why Vinyl?

Though vinyl fencing can be more expensive than wood panel or rail fencing, it has several advantages over other fencing materials. It can come in a variety of colors, including ones that look like wood. It requires very little maintenance, and it lasts much longer than wooden panels or rails, since it is not subject to rot or fading. You won’t have to worry about your fence rusting in the rain, and after a vinyl fence installation applying primer and paint will be a thing of the past.

Vinyl fencing comes in many different styles that typically fall into one of three categories: privacy, picket, and shadowbox. Privacy panels look like solid walls, and are a good choice for walling in a swimming pool or any other area that you want protected from prying eyes. Picket fences do not completely block the surrounding view, since there is space between individual panels, but they have the appeal of wholesome American charm, and they still serve to delineate property boundaries. Last but not least, shadowbox fences also provide solid coverage, but with alternating panels on each side to give the fence a uniform look, no matter where you are standing. Besides these three styles, there are also plenty of decorative touches and colors you can choose from, to make sure that your vinyl fence fits your personal style and goes well with your property.

Lay the Groundwork

As always, before you begin any project, make sure that you discuss your plans with your adjacent neighbors. Remember to check your property deed and local zoning laws to make sure that you are legally allowed to carry out your plans, and obtain a permit according to local code. Once you figure out all of the paperwork, you’ll be well on your way to having a beautiful vinyl fence in your yard!

Once you’re prepared to enjoy the investment of a vinyl fence, contact Challenger Fence. Our professionals are ready and happy to help you with your vinyl fence installation in NJ. Call today at (973) 772-2593!

Challenger Fence - Serving New Jersey with Professional Fence Installation for Ten Years

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fence Installers in Bergen County, NJ

Up to the Challenge: Fence Installers in Bergen County NJ

In the words of the great Robert Frost, “good fences make good neighbors.” Fences provide privacy and designate property lines, which can help prevent disputes between neighbors. They also protect your home and family from intruders, as well as keep your children and pets safely confined in your yard and out of the dangers of the streets. With ten years of experience under its belt, Challenger Fence is ready to serve as your choice fence installers in Bergen County, NJ, where the predominantly suburban architecture benefits from the right kind of fence both practically and aesthetically.  However, there are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right fence, the first of which is material.

Go Green with Wood

Wood Fences in NJ
Wooden Fences For Rustic Charm
One might not consider a wooden fence to be eco-friendly, considering its origins, but wood has consistently been and continues to be a renewable, green construction material. There are plenty of other reasons why wooden fences are some of the most popular fences in America: they are inexpensive, attractive, and generally last a long time. However, they do also require some upkeep, as they run the risk of being affected by the elements and burrowing insects. However, the rustic appeal of a natural wood fence is impossible to deny, and Challenger Fence’s installers are prepared to stain or paint your wooden fence to complement your property.

The Mettle of Metal

Metal fences offer many options for a variety of budgets, ranging from the inexpensive chain-link fence to the elegant –and more expensive – wrought iron gate. Chain-link fencing is the least expensive option of the group because of the simplicity of its construction, but it can provide adequate protection for your gardens and serves as a clear delineation of your property lines. Aluminum fencing is another metal fence alternative; aluminum is relatively easy to produce, and it can be fashioned to look much like wooden fencing. It also provides similar benefits to wooden fencing at a reduced cost while being more lightweight. While metal fences might require a little more maintenance than others, their superior durability is undeniable. If you want a fence that will last for a long, long time, our fence installers in Bergen County, NJ are ready to grace your property with a solid aluminum or chain-link fence.

Newer Materials for a Newer Tomorrow

Synthetic materials, such as PVC and vinyl, are gaining popularity because they are easy to maintain and clean, often requiring little more than a quick hosing-down. Vinyl fences won’t rust or rot in the wet, and they won’t peel or crack in the dry. With so many suburban dwellers commuting to the city for work, a PVC or vinyl fence is the perfect option. Elegant in their simplicity, vinyl fences are quickly becoming the leading choice for homeowners in Bergen County.

A fence is an investment for your home, and one that provides privacy and safety, not to mention reducing the stress of interacting with your neighbors. If you are thinking about installing a fence, Challenger Fence will rise to the challenge. Contact Challenger Fence to speak with an expert to help you make the best-informed decision for your property. Call today at (973) 772-2593.

Challenger Fence – Serving New Jersey with Professional Fence Installation for Ten Years

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fence Design Ideas

At Challenger Fence, we look for leading and trending fence design ideas to offer our customers remarkable fence styles and colors. Our fence specialists work with you, detailing our wide-ranging options and their many benefits for your property. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, from our first meeting until the final board is installed. Whether you're looking for a picket fence, chain link fence, or privacy fence, we have a variety of 2016 fence design ideas to match your style, preference, and budget.

Having a fence around your property is more than creating a protective barrier between you and the outside world. Many homeowners in fact choose to install a fence for the design aspect it can bring to their home. Fences come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and design options. This gives you another accessory to make your property stand out on the block. So what are some of the most opted for fence design ideas?

Remember the hardwood fences of old? They are still in fashion of course. These days, you can install a wooden fence from all sorts of different types of wood. Different trees give you a vastly different design and appeal. But another type of fence can emulate this type for a fraction of the cost and with a multitude of different options.

These new vinyl fences are some of the most recent additions to the home construction market. New vinyl fence design ideas include wood finishes, giving the appearance of natural fencing while providing all of the benefits of vinyl fencing. Vinyl does wonders for the home, because it's so cost-effective. More than this, it lasts much longer than the other materials and can withstand harsher temperatures and weather conditions. In short, vinyl is the go-to option for fence lovers in the modern world.

But more than its strength and durability bonus, vinyl fences give you the option to fully emulate any and all different fence types and materials. More than this, because vinyl is crafted in a laboratory, you have more freedom to pick and choose color options, the width of each panel, or even add custom handcrafting work to the top border for an added bonus.

You may think of vinyl as white. It's true that most vinyl fences come in this hue, because it is clean and efficient. But vinyl can come in wooden tones as well, giving you a look and feel of the past with a modern flavor. Speak with us about your fence design ideas so we can provide you with a clear vision of the finished product.

Our experts are available to speak with you about your next fencing project for materials including:

For more information about 2016 fence design ideas, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Vinyl Fence Cost in Morris County NJ

Looking for the vinyl fence cost in Morris County NJ? Think of your home's fence as an investment. Not only into the protection, privacy, and curb appeal of your home, but also into the overall completion of your home's complete look and feel. But the best investments often come at pennies on the dollar, whereby you truly have something that grows and lasts. This is the case with vinyl. Although it is far and away the cheapest fencing material on the market, it is also the most sturdy and best bang for your buck.

Challenger Fence serves North Jersey residents with affordable vinyl fence installation services. We work with residential and commercial property owners to provide beautiful boundaries, giving you the privacy and security you're looking for. Vinyl fence cost in Morris County NJ is comparatively lower than other materials. Further benefits make vinyl fencing a long-lasting solution for your home or office.

Vinyl is incredibly durable. It can withstand almost anything that Mother Nature throws at it. This includes the harshest of winters, most violent of rain, and all weather atrocities that fall in between. Not only this, but the material can stand tall and retain its appeal for decades at a time, if not longer.

Well, you may be asking yourself if these statements imply lots of maintenance and repair. Not at all! Vinyl is also among the easiest of all materials to maintain, keeping vinyl fence cost in Morris County NJ low! Are you ready for this? All you need to keep your vinyl fence looking great all year round is a wet rag. That's right. It's as simple as washing the surface. Not refinishing, not repainting, not installing missing tiles. Just simply get some soapy water, fill up your bucket, and wash away. In no time at all, you have a fence that's good as new.

What's the catch? There is none! Because vinyl is a polymer created by experts in the laboratory setting, there is no chopping down trees, hunting down chemicals, or constant paint and repair. This is a real investment! But we forgot perhaps the most important reason homeowners adopt vinyl for the new fences: it looks great!

That's right, vinyl also looks better than the other materials on the market. So what's stopping you? Call us up today and see how such a low priced item can do you so much wonder.

Looking for a vinyl fence cost in Morris County NJ? Our experts provide vinyl fence free estimates for the following areas:
For more information about the vinyl fence cost in Morris County NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Privacy Fence Contractors in NJ

These days, larger houses are occupying ever-smaller spaces. As the demand for outdoor living areas grows, privacy is at a premium. When you start thinking about privacy for your property, then your next thought should be fencing.

But when it comes to fencing, there is no lack of choice. You can get aluminum, wood, vinyl, ornamental, chain link, and the list goes on. If you want a fence that you will continue to enjoy year after year, then consider a privacy fence.

Challenger Fence is a family-owned fence company serving residential and commercial property owners with affordable privacy fence installation and services. Our privacy fence contractors in NJ bring years of experience to each fencing project, using honed skills and your property's unique attributes to install fences that last for years. 

Here are six reasons you’ll want to hire privacy fence contractors in NJ for your property:
  • Privacy: Well, this one was pretty obvious. Privacy fences do exactly what their name implies, provide privacy. You can enjoy your property without fear of nosy neighbors peeking in.
  • Noise Reduction: Privacy fences are sturdy structures that dampen noise levels from the street and neighbors. So you are shielded from unwelcome sounds as well as sights.
  • Shelter: A durable privacy fence shields your property from hard winds and rain. This is especially important if you have a flower or vegetable garden that you need to protect.
  • Easy Maintenance: Privacy fences are virtually maintenance free. A few coats of varnish after installation and it’s good for several years. Any dirt can be easily washed off with plain soap and water.
  • Variety: Nowadays there are a variety of privacy fences that come in many styles and colors to match your home’s aesthetic. You can even choose a fence made from recycled or reclaimed wood if that’s your preference.
  • Security: A solid privacy fence can keep rabbits, raccoons, gophers, deer, and other animals out of your yard, and away from your garden, garbage, and pets. Speaking of pets, a good privacy fence ensures they stay in your yard by blocking their view of tempting things to chase.
If you are considering a privacy fence but don’t know where to begin, contact our local privacy fence contractors in NJ. We provide quality work at a fair price—and you’ll be enjoying private relaxation before you know it.

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