Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aluminum Fences in NJ

If you’re looking for a long-lasting fence without breaking the bank, then aluminum fencing could be a great option for you.
One great advantage of an aluminum fence is that it can last for decades without rotting or rusting. Aluminum fences are generally fade resistant and rarely need refinishing. They are also quite simple to repair since the damaged components can just be removed and replaced without having to replace the whole section of the fence.

Aluminum fences can also add to your yard’s visual appeal since they are available in variety of styles and colors. The fence’s powder coating, which fuses paint to the metal surface and helps strengthen and protect the fence, comes in a large selection of colors. You can choose an aluminum fence in a color that will stand out to enhance your garden’s aesthetics or a more muted color that will allow it to blend in the surrounding landscape. Adornments such as ornamental gates, scripting or decorative tops can also be added to enhance the appearance of your fence and match your architectural style.
If you are installing a fence for security reasons then an aluminum fence has the advantage of being harder to breach or scale than wood or chain link fences, especially if you include spear-topped pickets.

Aluminum fences are also generally less expensive to purchase and install than wood or wrought iron fencing. Due to the cheaper initial purchase costs and the minimal maintenance required, aluminum fences have an economical advantage over other fencing options.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wood Fence Installation in NJ

Wooden fences are a classic choice for enclosing a garden or yard. They are not only charming and attractive but wooden fences are also more affordable than some other fence options and are easily adaptable to your landscaping design needs.
Compared to other fencing options such as vinyl or wrought iron fencing, wooden fences are far more affordable since wood is a natural resource that’s abundant, which keeps the prices low.
Wooden fences are also very versatile since they can be stained or painted any color or shade to match the other structures on your property. Planters and other decorations can be added to personalize your wooden fence.
Repairs to a wooden fence are fairly inexpensive, often just requiring a hammer or nail, or a coat of paint. With proper care and maintenance a wooden fence can last for decades.
Our white cedar fence is a particularly good choice for anyone looking to install a wooden fence since it’s not only beautiful but it’s also affordable.
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vinyl fence installation in NJ

Vinyl fencing has been growing in popularity over the past twenty years, its strength and durability making it a preferable choice to wood fencing or chain link fencing For homeowners who don’t have a lot of time to spend on maintaining their fence, a vinyl fence is the ideal option. Attractive and very low-maintenance, once you install a vinyl fence it’s there to stay.
Vinyl fence is about 5 times stronger than wood fence and fairly flexible, making it a particularly popular fencing option in locations with extreme weather conditions and high winds. It can also withstand high salt water exposure, which is why vinyl fences are good for areas in seaside locations.

A vinyl fence’s strength also makes it a good choice for fencing in pets or larger animals, since it cannot be chewed through and can withstand a strong impact.

In order to keep your vinyl fence looking nice all you need is a bit of soap and water. Wash it off once a year and you’re good to go. Vinyl fences don’t require any paint or primer and they are in no danger of peeling, rotting, warping or blistering.

It’s easy to see the reason for the wide appeal of vinyl fences in north NJ 

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