Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fence Company in NJ

Building a fence is a great do it yourself project that you can tackle with friends or by yourself. However, ensuring that your new installation is upright, structurally capable and level could mean spending countless hours and manpower in the yard cutting, measuring, redesigning and cutting again. As such, it is always easier to seek the help of a professional fence company to make the process easier. Today we at Challenger Fence Inc would like to offer some tips on how to select a reputable fencing company in NJ.

Starting the process
Fence Company in NJ 
A highly regarded fencing installation company should be willing to send an estimator to your property at no cost.  A fencing company that charges an estimator fee is probably not worth the hire. The estimator’s purpose is to measure the height and length of your fence, as well as the vision you have for your new fence.  The estimator also has to take into account any challenges or roadblocks that may make the process of installation difficult in order to prepare a plan for the procedure.  The estimator is also there to determine the grading of the yard; whether the ground is contoured or sloped to estimate the cost of installation. It may be smart to hire the services of a land surveyor to ensure that your fencing plans are based on the exact property lines. At Challenger Fence Inc we offer free estimates and would be more than happy to send an estimator to your home.

As the property owner, you should find out some information from the estimator to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.  You should find out:
  • Who is responsible for pulling the city permits for the installation.
  • Whose job it is to contact the utility company. The utility company should come to the property to determine where the power, gas and water lines are located on your property before any digging commences.
  • What the timeline of the installation process is; when the task will start and how long it will take.
  • If any warranty is on offer.

The cost of fence installation
The cost of fence installation varies based on a few factors such as the material and the type of fence you intend to set up.  So far, the most expensive fences to install are vinyl fences and aluminum fences.  Aside from the material of the fence, factors such as labor and post installation also affect the price estimate you will receive from the estimator.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Vinyl Fence Designs

 Just like a good fence speaks more about the beauty of a home; so also is the design of the fence constructed in the magnificent building. A well-designed fence does not only create an explicit look in a home but also brings out functionality as well. With the countless designs of fences available; it is pertinent to carefully check and select the one that is most suitable for your house. We at Challenger Fence Inc would like to bring up some points for you to consider when choosing vinyl fence designs.  

Vinyl Fence Designs 
There are different designs & styles to choose from which include the top scallop, flat top, different types of picketing and more. The style and use of the fence will greatly influence what you make it out of. It could be wood, iron, brick and many more.

A high-quality fence is a good way to make your property more secure, more private, and even raise the value of your home. You can choose between a wide variety of materials, styles, and creative designs to create the perfect fence for your home. By carefully designing your fence, you are guaranteed to create a beautiful backdrop for your yard's landscaping. Below is the analytical description and consideration on how to select a fence design.

What you need to consider before choosing a particular design
The Form of the fence: This is the stylistic and aesthetic appearance of your fence. Some fencing materials are incredibly beautiful, such as a deep wood grain with a custom stain to create the perfectly complimentary color to your existing landscaping, or an ornate wrought iron fence to portray an image of stately elegance. Consider also, the clean look of vinyl fence designs, the variety is almost endless and they offer a  high level of customization.

The Function of the fence: This primarily deals with the practical purpose for the fence. Will your fence keep animals in or out? Is it meant to minimize the visual lines into your property, giving you maximum privacy? Will it support vine plants or other elements in your current or future landscaping? These are your functional considerations.

Vinyl Fence Designs 
Wood is beautiful and cheap, but requires regular maintenance to maintain its aesthetic quality. Wrought iron fencing sections can be easily installed, and are quite beautiful, but come at a premium. Vinyl comes in styles, colors, and outlasts other types of fences. Many of the things you could want in a wood or iron fence can be found with the correct vinyl fence. Depending on your needs and budget, you are guaranteed to find a fencing material that is both beautiful and functional.

Having a functional design is just as important as choosing something that is going to look good with your home. Fences are mainly included in a property to both keep things in and keep things out of the yard. Filling your fence needs and requirements is imperative.

No doubt, adding a fence will do a couple things - add value to your home and increase safety for people needing the fence. Do not build a fence that is not going to look good with the rest of the house.

Benefits of using a professional Fence designer
People who go for a DIY method find the work more challenging and end up spending twice the cost even without yielding a good result compared to engaging a professional especially when you are building a fence with particularly difficult materials, such as stone, brick, or iron. Hiring a professional would save you the frustration, money and time.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

Vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular as the days go by. They are an alternative to traditional wood fences and require less maintenance to no maintenance. Although some people may fear its upfront cost, it’s much more to repair and maintain a wood fence that a vinyl fence. The cost of vinyl fence is once and for all, unlike the wood fence you use more money on maintenance and repair not to mention the number of hours you will spend on staining and repainting it. Today we at Challenger Fence Inc would like to bring to your attention what you should consider before installing your vinyl fence.

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ 
Hire vinyl fence installers. Vinyl fence installer provides quick, quality fencing services. They can do any fencing job, big or small to the one that includes no-hustle estimates. They normally have several options that come with unbeatable prices. A Vinyl fence installer can turn your backyard area into an amazing relaxing place. At Challenger Fence Inc we’ve been taking care of vinyl fence installation in NJ for many years. With the installation of vinyl privacy fence that is commonly used to conceal places such as swimming pools, patio area or garden, they protect your private area from gusting wind and dirt.

Variety of vinyl fences available
Before installing your vinyl fence, you should know the variety of vinyl fences available and their cost and how they are installed before making a decision, it’s important to think about the cost too. 

The vinyl fence options you have, include:
•    Split rail

•    Chain link

•    Privacy fences

Vinyl fence installer is better based to help you choose the right vinyl fence according to your needs. Some of them have specialized in one type of vinyl fence, so it’s good to consider those with multiple experiences for your vinyl fence installation. If you’re at a loss when selecting a fence, talk to one of our fencing experts for suggestions!

Vinyl fences are impressive and strong material
Vinyl fence installation will help provide security, controlled accessibility and are good for boundary demarcation because of they are made from impressive strong materials. They are flexible and can stand extreme weathers like strong winds and storms. Vinyl fence contains non-toxic materials and they cost less than iron or wood

Before vinyl fence installation, a vinyl fine installer should make sure you have all the necessary requirements and plan for the installation. Hiring vinyl fence installer is a fine investment because they know the correct measurements needed for your fence installation, the type, and the method so installing to make sure that you enjoy your space without any disturbance. A vinyl fence will build equity in your home that can last forever.

To learn more about vinyl fence installation in NJ or us at Challenger Fence Inc, please call us today at 973-772-2593. One of our fencing experts will be happy to help you.