Thursday, October 10, 2013

A “Living Fence” Redefines Security and Beauty

What if a fence could make your yard green, eco-friendly and also safe? In an article from the South Wales Evening Post, a fence in the city of Swansea is described that changes the definition of safety and aesthetic appeal for pedestrians walking along a busy thoroughfare. The fence in question is a wire mesh covered by vines and other plants so that people who are walking along the street will be encouraged to cross at appropriate times – a result of the tragic death of two pedestrians in the past four years.

The advantages of the hedging on this fence is twofold: it screens the wire fencing from view but also helps to absorb the emissions from the many vehicles driving along that road in hopes of helping the area become more environmentally conscious. The fence installation is being funded by Welsh Government Road Safety Grant, a staunch supporter of the ways this fence will help preserve life, look great and help the future generations battle environmental issues.

Even though this fence is not the first of its kind, this is a sign of the importance of being forward-thinking in terms of your next home upgrade. The value of your fence can be way more than simply keeping people out or trying to make your pool look better during the summer. Great fences are a thing of the future.

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