Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Fencing Tips: Fence Installation in Westwood NJ

During the winter months, cold temperatures and snowfall along with high winds can all damage your beautiful fence. As experts of fence installation in Westwood, Challenger Fence Inc has a few helpful pointers that will allow you to battle these conditions and arrive at spring with your fence intact. Take a look at what you can do and spend some time now to protect your fence from damage down the line.

Know the materials – fences that are wooden will be far more susceptible to changes in moisture and temperature than PVC, vinyl or chain link. These fences can be treated to be less sensitive over the winter, and once they get wet there is a much longer period over which they can dry out in the winter. Use a stain or waterproofing chemical that will keep your fence dry and free of mold or rot.

Clean around the posts – any kind of fence needs strong earth and a dependable foundation in order to stay standing. During winter, frost and snowfall can cause the ground around your fence to shift, move or weaken the dirt and make the fence sag or even fall over. When you are having a fence installation in Westwood, the posts should be buried an average of three feet where they are immune to the effects of topical climate changes.

Recognize problem areas – falling limbs and trees can damage a perfectly strong fence in a winter storm. Look at the surrounding trees and limbs in your yard to try and identify what might be a hazard during a snowstorm. If you can have a service reduce these risks, your fence will be unaffected.
Using these winter fencing tips, you can stay comfortable in your home all season and know that when spring thaws come, things will be as they should. Contact our fencing experts to learn more about fence installation in Westwood NJ.

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  1. Installing a fence in the winter is a bit tricky. I tried it this past winter, and we had to shovel the snow out of the ground where we were putting it in. The ground was also partly frozen, so it took some extra muscle. Not to mention, it was also pretty cold.
    Jayden Eden |