Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NJ Fence Company

Challenger Fence Inc. is a family-owned and operated fence company in NJ that provides our customers with three major services: quality fence installations, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. As a fully licensed and ensured company, our professional staff is hand-picked and oversees all aspects of fence installation from design and construction to completion. We aim to accommodate your taste and style when it comes to the fence of your dreams. This is why we offer a variety of fences made of different materials.

As an NJ fence company Challenger Fence Inc. offers vinyl fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences and wood fences. The vinyl fence is one of our most popular fencing services because it is a low-maintenance fence that will still provide you with protection and privacy. Aluminum fences add the same aesthetic appeal to your landscape that a wrought-iron fence would but they require less maintenance. These kinds of fences can be used to enclose your entire property or just your pool. Chain link fences are associated with the high security measures homeowners take when securing their property, but that does not mean chain link can’t be beautified. At Challenger Fence, we offer a vinyl covering for chain link fences so that it can blend in more with its surroundings. Lastly, wood fence is the most common fencing option. Associated with the white picket fence of the American dream, wood fences allow you to customize them in any way you wish because they are so versatile.

If you are not content with these fencing options, we also provide other brands such as Eastern’s White Cedar Fencing, Jerith Aluminum Fencing, Eastern’s Illusions Vinyl and Eastern’s Grand Illusions. White Cedar is a beautiful fencing material because it is wood that is impervious to rot and insect damage. It is a step up from a normal wood fence. Jerith Aluminum Fencing, backed by a lifetime warranty, is a series of aluminum fences that are designed for protection and beauty. Illusions Vinyl Fencing boats one of the widest collections of vinyl fence and railing styles. You can mix and match colors to create a unique fence no one else will have. Finally, Grand Illusions Vinyl is vinyl fencing that is made to look like wood. With all these options, this NJ fencing company is sure to have something you like.

At Challenger Fence Inc., we aim to provide you with a large variety of fencing options to choose from. The point of this is to provide you with the creative freedom to create your own fence for your pool, deck or entire property. With this fencing company in NJ, you can be sure that we will correctly install your new fence. At Challenger Fence, we have a saying: A fence is only as good as its installation.

For more information on this NJ fencing company, call Challenger Fence Inc. at (973) 772-2593.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. We're looking to get a new fence installed next week. We haven't decided on the material yet, though, so we might end up having to push it back. It'll be worth it for the perfect fence. Thiago |

  2. I would love to check out the White Cedar fencing. I have always been a fan of White Cedar. I didn't know they offered it in fencing. I think it would look lovely.

    Aaron |