Friday, August 1, 2014

Pricing a New Fence Installation in NJ

Have you ever wondered how a fence installation in NJ is priced? There are many factors that are added together to determine how much a fence company in NJ charges to install your fence. Many companies, such as Challenger Fence Inc., offer free consultations for fence installation. While our fence installation technicians determine their estimate, we take these following factors into play:

The length of the fence: this tells our fence installers in NJ how much material they need to acquire for your project
If any old fencing needs to be removed: there may be some old fencing to be removed in order to make way for your brand new fence installation in NJ.
Rocks and other obstacles: our fence installers need to determine whether or not anything needs to be removed before we begin your fence installation.

Our fence installation in NJ estimates can range from many different prices for everyone. Depending on your yard size, ground levels and the type of fence you choose all are factors involved in the pricing of your fence installation in NJ. The design and layout can also influence the pricing on your new fence installation.

There are many different aspects that are taken into account when determining the final estimate of a fence. If you are interested in a new fence installation in NJ, Challenger Fence Inc. has the fencing services you need. Give us a call at 973-772-2593, and receive your free estimate today.

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  1. I am wanting to get rid of my chain link fence and replace it with a vinyl fence. I have no idea how people have chain link fences? I am excited to have my own privacy in my backyard.