Thursday, September 8, 2016

Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for vinyl fence installation in NJ? Challenger Fence has over a decade of knowledge and expertise in vinyl fences that will give your yard the aesthetic you want to achieve. Our skilled craftsmen make our polyvinyl chloride products on-site. If you are looking for a low-maintenance fence for your property, vinyl fence is the option to choose.

If you’re looking for a fence that will stand the test of time, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl fences have a flexibility that is unrivaled by their wooden counterparts. Wood is far more likely to crack and break under the pressures of intense weather conditions. Vinyl will just stand as if it were any other day. 
Vinyl fencing comes in many different styles that typically fall into one of three categories: privacy, picket, and shadowbox. Privacy panels look like solid walls, and are a good choice for a swimming pool or any other area that you want protected from prying eyes. Picket fences do not completely block the surrounding view, but they have the appeal of wholesome American charm, and they still serve to delineate property boundaries. Last but not least, shadowbox fences also provide solid coverage, but with alternating panels on each side to give the fence a uniform look. There are also plenty of decorative touches and colors you can choose from, to make sure that your vinyl fence fits your personal style and goes well with your property.
At Challenger Fence, our vinyl fences are eco-friendly and are made from recycled, non-toxic materials. Not only will these fences never need another coat of paint, but they will neither rust nor corrode. If you are searching for a fence that is resistant to damage and will endure the long run, choose our vinyl fence installation in NJ.

For more information about our vinyl fence installation in NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973_ 772-2593.

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