Monday, December 5, 2016

Chain Link Fence Installation in NJ

Are you looking for chain link fence installation in NJ? At Challenger Fence, our professional fence installers have the knowledge and experience to install many types of fencing to enclose your property, including chain link fencing. Chain link is a durable material with little maintenance that will provide you with security for years.

Questions to Ask Before Installing Chain Link Fence
Installing a chain link fence can be a big decision, even when hiring Challenger Fence to do the job for you. Keeping the following considerations in mind can help ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the end results and that your fence will do everything you need it to do.

Why do you need a fence?
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’ll coincide with numerous other decisions down the line. Do you need a fence around your entire property, or just around the AC unit? Are you trying to protect your garden from animal pests, or is there another reason you need the fence? Being specific will help you make other decisions down the line. 

What is your budget?
Everyone has a budget, and knowing yours will help determine which materials and how much fencing you will need. At Challenger Fence, we offer a free fence installation quote, so you can be sure you will not go over budget.

What logistical issues or restrictions exist?
As you begin planning for your chain link fence, investigate whether there are any zoning code restrictions or required permits for your fence. This might limit what you are able to do.Depending on where you’re building your fence, you might need to find out some additional information as well, such as where your property line is located.

What types of materials are available?
Chain link fencing is known for its function, rather than its beauty. However, you still have a few options at your disposal. Some chain link fencing is now available in different colors and finishes, allowing for stylistic touches that weren’t possible in the past.

How can your contractor help?
Our chain link fence contractors can help you work through many of these decisions and issues, so don’t worry if you’re unsure how to begin. We also have a gallery of past fences we have installed on our website, so you can get an idea of our work.

For more information about our chain link fence installation, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

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