Monday, January 16, 2017

PVC Fence Installation in NJ

Are you thinking about a new fence? Consider PVC fences that last for a long time with little to no maintenance whatsoever needed. They won’t rot, fade and there is no paint needed on them, the only care they need is an occasional wash-down and even this is optional not a must. For this type of fence, you may consider putting them up yourself,  but the least stressful or physically taxing option would be getting a professional to install the fence.

PVC Fence Installation in NJ
There are those who provide PVC installation services in New Jersey, and then there’s Challenger Fence Inc, here are 5 reasons why people choose us for their PVC fencing projects:

·         Great prices: our price includes all components needed to build your PVC fence (post, caps, rail, locks and pins) we eliminate the need for middlemen or going to the store and getting the materials yourself, this means lower material and installation cost. You can determine the cost of your PVC fence project or chose your fence style simply by filling out your basic information on our web page, or by calling us for a free estimate.
·         Better repair and replacement resources: if you ever have the need of adding to your existing fence or replacing a section of your fence, you will be more likely to find all the resources you need from us. We are able to get what you want for replacement or repair and accomplish your project in a timely manner.
·         Qualified and quality customer care services: the people we’ve dealt with will give you positive feedback on our services. All your questions are answered directly by one of our representatives and without a sales pitch. Our employees are PVC professionals and will provide you with quality and satisfying services.
·         Our materials are of higher quality: there are no breaks, strips, loose screws or wood that are needed to strengthen your fence. No cheap construction or engineering methods that can affect your fence and we use certified materials.
·         Quality you can count on: all our PVC fences are heavy duty, top of the line, commercial grade and 100% virgin backed up by non–prorated factories warranty.

PVC fences come in two types, broad-and –rail system and panelized. The board-and-rail system have individual rails and boards much like a wooden fence and the panelized system have panels that hang between the posts.

To learn more about our PVC fence installation services in New Jersey at Challenger Fence, please call us today at (973) 772-2593. 


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