Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fence Company in NJ

Building a fence is a great do it yourself project that you can tackle with friends or by yourself. However, ensuring that your new installation is upright, structurally capable and level could mean spending countless hours and manpower in the yard cutting, measuring, redesigning and cutting again. As such, it is always easier to seek the help of a professional fence company to make the process easier. Today we at Challenger Fence Inc would like to offer some tips on how to select a reputable fencing company in NJ.

Starting the process
Fence Company in NJ 
A highly regarded fencing installation company should be willing to send an estimator to your property at no cost.  A fencing company that charges an estimator fee is probably not worth the hire. The estimator’s purpose is to measure the height and length of your fence, as well as the vision you have for your new fence.  The estimator also has to take into account any challenges or roadblocks that may make the process of installation difficult in order to prepare a plan for the procedure.  The estimator is also there to determine the grading of the yard; whether the ground is contoured or sloped to estimate the cost of installation. It may be smart to hire the services of a land surveyor to ensure that your fencing plans are based on the exact property lines. At Challenger Fence Inc we offer free estimates and would be more than happy to send an estimator to your home.

As the property owner, you should find out some information from the estimator to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.  You should find out:
  • Who is responsible for pulling the city permits for the installation.
  • Whose job it is to contact the utility company. The utility company should come to the property to determine where the power, gas and water lines are located on your property before any digging commences.
  • What the timeline of the installation process is; when the task will start and how long it will take.
  • If any warranty is on offer.

The cost of fence installation
The cost of fence installation varies based on a few factors such as the material and the type of fence you intend to set up.  So far, the most expensive fences to install are vinyl fences and aluminum fences.  Aside from the material of the fence, factors such as labor and post installation also affect the price estimate you will receive from the estimator.

For more information about our fence company in NJ or to learn more about us at Challenger Fence Inc, please call us today at 973-772-2593.

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