Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Now is the time to buy that fence you always dream of with your tax refund

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An average individual will get about $3,000 of their taxes back. Indeed, it's a lot of cash and a life-changing amount of money for some. But what you do with the money decides if it will you build wealth or not.

You can spend the refund in a manner that will leave you in a bad financial situation. Putting about $3,000 on a new $25,000 vehicle with a $500 monthly payment isn't wise. Also, you could buy that boat you've dream of – a boat with expensive repair bills with a value that plummets overnight.
Rather than spending that money in ways that leave you worse off or neutral, consider buying the fence you dream.

Adding a fence to your property serves many purposes. You can use it for privacy, prevent wild animals from entering into your home, and keep your kids and pets safe in the yard. You should know that a fence can add value to your home, especially when you choose to sell it.

Normally, privacy fences are from 4ft to 9ft tall. Based on different factors like maintenance and materials, installing a fence will boost your home’s marketability.

A fence can increase your property's value through the following ways:

  • The fence's position
Buying a beautiful fence can give decorative benefits. It can enhance the look of your yard and property in general. If your property had an aesthetically unappealing view at the back, a good, tall fence can obstruct the view and give the backyard a desirable view.

Further, if you place the fence correct, it can impact the property aesthetically. For instance, a front yard fence lessens the curb appeal of your property. But a backyard fence can boost the property's value. Make certain that the fence is of good and standard quality.

        Fence Maintenance

It doesn't matter how well you build a fence, you must maintain it over the years. If you get a wood fence, you must maintain it to raise the value of your property. So make sure you seal or to stain the fence. This will protect it from termites and rots over the years.

No doubts, a quality fence that's maintained over time can help increase your property's value.

    Professional Installation

Employing a professional to install your fence can also affect the value of your property. When installed properly, the fence can endure elemental impacts like the weather. Over time, the fence will hold and boost the home's value without any extra investment in the fence.

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