Monday, June 3, 2019

Aluminum Fence Installation NJ

Are you looking for aluminum fence installation in NJ? Since 1998, the experts at Challenger Fence have been providing residents and business owners with professional aluminum fence installation in NJ. Our aluminum fences are available in many styles, colors, and designs providing aesthetic appeal to any properties’ landscape as well as security. Challenger Fence provides free estimates on all aluminum fence installations in NJ.

There are many benefits in choosing an aluminum fence for your residential or commercial property. This metal has many features, uses, and is strong enough to withstand the harshest weather. The most important feature of having an aluminum fence installed on your property is that the metal will not rust. Other metallic fences such as wrought iron or steel, are a ferrous material that will oxidize and eventually rust even with the strongest protection applied on these fencing materials. Aluminum fences will last in all-weather climates and will not rot, fade, or dent.

Another great feature of having an aluminum fence installed in your yard is that it does not require frequent maintenance like many other fencing materials. Our aluminum fences do not need painting because of a powder coating that is applied during the manufacturing process of the fence. The only maintenance these fences need is an occasional washdown to keep the fence looking brand new.

The main reason why we install fences on our properties is for safety reasons. Aluminum fences are a great way to keep your pets and children enclosed while keeping intruders and other animals off your property. These fences are perfect for enclosing pools and other parts of your property that are off-limits. Aluminum fences are installed secured to the ground to ensure the fence will not collapse or break away in a wind storm.

Whether you are looking to enclose your yard or perhaps even your pool, we can provide you with many styles to choose from with our expert aluminum fence installation in NJ to complement your property. Our selection of aluminum fences come in a wide variety of colors, heights, and styles that are specific to your fencing needs.

For more information about aluminum fence installation in NJ, or if you have any questions, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

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