Monday, September 21, 2015

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost in NJ

Vinyl fence installation cost in NJ varies depending on the size of your yard. The price is most affected by the square footage in which installation is occurring. While there are other costs to consider - and we'll delve into them - keep in mind that the majority of vinyl fence installation cost in NJ comes from the fence materials itself and how much will be needed for completion of the job.

For basic-grade vinyl fencing, a vinyl fence installation cost in NJ for a yard of 25 square feet might cost somewhere between $450-500. This, again does not include other fees like labor, materials, supplies, and equipment. Vinyl fence installation requires specialty equipment like a post hole auger, miller saw, pneumatic nailer, and portable concrete mixer - among others to ensure the job done expertly and efficiently.

At Challenger Fence, we make our own polyvinyl chloride products on-site by our skilled craftsmen. Because vinyl fence never needs to be painted, does not rot, will not combust or become damaged by insects, and requires little more than household products and a hose to clean, vinyl fence installation cost in NJ is a slightly higher. Trust us, you'll save on these fences in the long-run from low levels of maintenance and repair. Our vinyl fence installation in NJ provides expert service and priority on your satisfaction. It is our goal to have your yard looking great for a price that fits your budget.

We can provide estimates for vinyl fence installation cost in NJ to the following areas:

A vinyl fence will give your yard a beautiful, updated look without a watchful eye to make sure it remains beautiful. For more information about vinyl fence installation cost in NJ, call us today at (973) 772-2593.

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