Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vinyl Fence Company in NJ

Are you in the market for a vinyl fence company in NJ? Growing in popularity, a vinyl fence enclosure provides a clean, modern aesthetic to your home without the trouble of maintenance. Our family-owned business has over a decade's worth of experience as a trusted vinyl fence company in NJ. We know the precision and care necessary to make sure your fence is both properly installed and secure.

In 1926, vinyl was accidentally discovered by Waldo Semon who was commissioned to develop a bonding adhesive for metal and rubber. When he found himself in short supply of bromide, he turned to chloride and heat as substitutes, resulting in polyvinyl chloride. Upon the creation of polyvinyl, Semon created various molds and coatings for wires and tools but was unsuccessful in his original intent. Fortunately, the many uses of PVC eventually gave us vinyl fencing; a dependable fence option crafted from one of the most versatile plastics ever created.

Vinyl fencing in NJ is extremely popular - by no accident. Vinyl fencing offers a longer life than wood and aluminum, mainly because it doesn't rot, rust, or allow insects a place to live. Vinyl fence panels do not require painting or intense cleanings; a hose sprayed on it removes most debris and dirt build-up. Vinyl fencing is considered a "good neighbor" fence, so the family next-door doesn't have to worry about seeing the back of your fence.

Like the classic picket fence (now available in vinyl), vinyl fencing is becoming an iconic American staple and more are turning to it as a long-lasting alternative to other fencing methods. Our vinyl fence company in NJ specializes in installation of many types of vinyl fence to give your home added personality.

Our vinyl fence company in NJ offers a variety of vinyl fencing, including:
When thinking of installing vinyl fencing in NJ, trust a family-owned company with the experience to ensure the job is done right. For more information about our vinyl fence company in NJ  or any of our fences available in our fence catalog, call us today at (973) 772-2593.

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