Monday, April 18, 2016

Fence Installation in NJ

Does your yard, patio, or pool area need a new fence? Fence installation in NJ can be great for additional privacy, blocking wind, and containing pets and children. Naturally, there are a number of things to consider as you are shopping for the best fence for your specific needs.

At Challenger Fence, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your satisfaction. Our family-owned fence company provides residents and commercial property owners with affordable, expert fence installation in NJ. Using trusted materials from renowned brands like Easterns and Jerith, your fence will provide the privacy and aesthetic you want for years to come. Likewise, our professional fence installers are trained and experienced to complete your fence project within your time-frame, delivering stunning results without delay.

Below, we've compiled some of the many benefits fence installation will bring to your property:

Additional Privacy

If your goal is additional privacy, select a fence with very little space between the boards (or other material). Closely spaced material or solid material combined with thick foliage is the best way to get the privacy you need. What height is best for the privacy you need will vary depending on the slope of your yard and any neighborhood or building codes you have to adhere to.

Wind Blockage

If you are looking to block wind without blocking light or the incredible view, you are going to want to go with a glass material which is ideal for patios and pool areas. If you are not concerned about blocking the view or the light, any privacy fence with no gaps of space between the material will work just fine.

Added Security

One of the biggest reasons why people choose privacy fence installation in NJ is for an added sense of security. Obviously, you need the fence to be taller than people walking down the street. Any fence worth its salt in security should be at least eight feet tall. You could also go with a six-foot fence and add a few feet of trellis to the top to make the fence slightly less intimidating. Avoid fences with flush boards and horizontal rails to make sure it is not easy to climb.

Dog and Children Containment

The key to getting a fence that will successfully contain your dogs and children is knowing your dogs and children. Are they diggers or jumpers? Do you know how high they can jump? Are your children good at climbing? If you have small children and small dogs, you can get away with a fence that is just three to four feet tall. If you have larger dogs or taller children, you will want to invest in a taller fence.

Before you make your final choices, be sure you are aware of any local building or neighborhood codes. Apply for any permits you may need and know where your property line is. 

Affordable fence installation in NJ by Challenger Fence is available to many counties within New Jersey, including:
For more information about local fence installation in NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

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