Monday, April 11, 2016

Vinyl Fence Installers in Bergen County NJ

Trying to convince your spouse vinyl fencing is the best option to wrap around your home? Maybe you want to have our vinyl fence installers in Bergen County NJ to install vinyl fencing around your parent’s home? Knowing more about the benefits of installing a vinyl fence may help with convincing them.

At Challenger Fence, we produce stunning, long-lasting results. Featuring competitive prices and professional service, our vinyl fence installers in Bergen County NJ will give you the privacy and security you are looking for without delay. Our experience, knowledge, and expert skills allow us to provide you with vinyl fence solutions regardless of the slope of your yard or any obstructions in the way. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, looking to meet your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Below, we've assembled some benefits of choosing vinyl fencing for your property.

Strong and Secure

First of all, vinyl fencing is almost five times stronger than wooden fencing. It takes a lot more to take down a vinyl fence (especially when our vinyl fence installers in Bergen County NJ install it!) making it a great choice around a home that is exposed to strong winds and a lot of rainfall. By comparison, a wood fence is much more likely to be destroyed in a wind storm. This type of fencing is even a great choice if you are fencing in animals. If you have horses or dogs, for example, they will not get hurt by chewing on it or trying to run through it. 

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance requirements of vinyl fence, there really aren’t any. Just a little cleaning with some soap and water is enough to keep your fence looking great. The fencing does not need to be repainted very often as it does not change or lose coloring the way other fencing materials do. As an added bonus, you do not have to worry about adding primer to protect it from rust. Vinyl does not rot and termites are not attracted to it.


If there are children or grandchildren running around your yard, you can rest easy knowing vinyl fencing is never treated with hazardous or harmful chemicals.

By comparison, vinyl fencing is cheaper than most other fencing materials such as wood and iron. You will also save money on the lack of maintenance and ease of installation. Hassle-free and varying greatly in style and color, it is easy to see the benefits of installing this type of fencing outweighs any potential downsides.

Our vinyl fence installers in Bergen County NJ are available throughout the county, including the following communities:
For more information about vinyl fence installers in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

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