Friday, May 13, 2016

Fence Design Ideas

At Challenger Fence, we look for leading and trending fence design ideas to offer our customers remarkable fence styles and colors. Our fence specialists work with you, detailing our wide-ranging options and their many benefits for your property. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, from our first meeting until the final board is installed. Whether you're looking for a picket fence, chain link fence, or privacy fence, we have a variety of 2016 fence design ideas to match your style, preference, and budget.

Having a fence around your property is more than creating a protective barrier between you and the outside world. Many homeowners in fact choose to install a fence for the design aspect it can bring to their home. Fences come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and design options. This gives you another accessory to make your property stand out on the block. So what are some of the most opted for fence design ideas?

Remember the hardwood fences of old? They are still in fashion of course. These days, you can install a wooden fence from all sorts of different types of wood. Different trees give you a vastly different design and appeal. But another type of fence can emulate this type for a fraction of the cost and with a multitude of different options.

These new vinyl fences are some of the most recent additions to the home construction market. New vinyl fence design ideas include wood finishes, giving the appearance of natural fencing while providing all of the benefits of vinyl fencing. Vinyl does wonders for the home, because it's so cost-effective. More than this, it lasts much longer than the other materials and can withstand harsher temperatures and weather conditions. In short, vinyl is the go-to option for fence lovers in the modern world.

But more than its strength and durability bonus, vinyl fences give you the option to fully emulate any and all different fence types and materials. More than this, because vinyl is crafted in a laboratory, you have more freedom to pick and choose color options, the width of each panel, or even add custom handcrafting work to the top border for an added bonus.

You may think of vinyl as white. It's true that most vinyl fences come in this hue, because it is clean and efficient. But vinyl can come in wooden tones as well, giving you a look and feel of the past with a modern flavor. Speak with us about your fence design ideas so we can provide you with a clear vision of the finished product.

Our experts are available to speak with you about your next fencing project for materials including:

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