Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fence Installers in Bergen County, NJ

Up to the Challenge: Fence Installers in Bergen County NJ

In the words of the great Robert Frost, “good fences make good neighbors.” Fences provide privacy and designate property lines, which can help prevent disputes between neighbors. They also protect your home and family from intruders, as well as keep your children and pets safely confined in your yard and out of the dangers of the streets. With ten years of experience under its belt, Challenger Fence is ready to serve as your choice fence installers in Bergen County, NJ, where the predominantly suburban architecture benefits from the right kind of fence both practically and aesthetically.  However, there are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right fence, the first of which is material.

Go Green with Wood

Wood Fences in NJ
Wooden Fences For Rustic Charm
One might not consider a wooden fence to be eco-friendly, considering its origins, but wood has consistently been and continues to be a renewable, green construction material. There are plenty of other reasons why wooden fences are some of the most popular fences in America: they are inexpensive, attractive, and generally last a long time. However, they do also require some upkeep, as they run the risk of being affected by the elements and burrowing insects. However, the rustic appeal of a natural wood fence is impossible to deny, and Challenger Fence’s installers are prepared to stain or paint your wooden fence to complement your property.

The Mettle of Metal

Metal fences offer many options for a variety of budgets, ranging from the inexpensive chain-link fence to the elegant –and more expensive – wrought iron gate. Chain-link fencing is the least expensive option of the group because of the simplicity of its construction, but it can provide adequate protection for your gardens and serves as a clear delineation of your property lines. Aluminum fencing is another metal fence alternative; aluminum is relatively easy to produce, and it can be fashioned to look much like wooden fencing. It also provides similar benefits to wooden fencing at a reduced cost while being more lightweight. While metal fences might require a little more maintenance than others, their superior durability is undeniable. If you want a fence that will last for a long, long time, our fence installers in Bergen County, NJ are ready to grace your property with a solid aluminum or chain-link fence.

Newer Materials for a Newer Tomorrow

Synthetic materials, such as PVC and vinyl, are gaining popularity because they are easy to maintain and clean, often requiring little more than a quick hosing-down. Vinyl fences won’t rust or rot in the wet, and they won’t peel or crack in the dry. With so many suburban dwellers commuting to the city for work, a PVC or vinyl fence is the perfect option. Elegant in their simplicity, vinyl fences are quickly becoming the leading choice for homeowners in Bergen County.

A fence is an investment for your home, and one that provides privacy and safety, not to mention reducing the stress of interacting with your neighbors. If you are thinking about installing a fence, Challenger Fence will rise to the challenge. Contact Challenger Fence to speak with an expert to help you make the best-informed decision for your property. Call today at (973) 772-2593.

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