Friday, September 6, 2013

Fence Installation in NJ

If you are looking to put a fence around your home, there are many different styles and materials that you can choose from. Challenger Fence Inc is a fully licensed and insured fence company that provides a wide variety of fence installations in NJ.

Challenger Fence Inc can perform NJ fence installations of any type of fence available. The most common types of fences include:

  • Vinyl or PVC fences
  • Aluminum fences
  • Chain Link fences
  • Wood fences

Wood and PVC fences are good to install if you would like privacy from the peering eyes of your nosey neighbors. Wood fences will give your yard a more classic feel, but can be a lot of work to  to maintain. PVC is popular because once a PVC fence is installed, it the color and texture stay the same because it does not absorb water. Aluminum and chain link fences are advantageous if you would like to maintain  visibility through the fence, but still would like the protection.

If you would like any more information on any of the different fence installations in NJ that we perform, call Challenger Fence Inc at 973-772-2593 for a free estimate.

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