Thursday, September 19, 2013

West Milford NJ Fence Installation

Fence installation in West Milford NJ is a great way to add security and aesthetic appeal to your property. There is a wide array of beautiful wildlife in West Milford, but you don't always want them roaming through your yard. Installing a fence will provide safety for your children, pets and garden. Challenger Fence Inc provides a variety of fence installations in West Milford NJ including vinyl, aluminum, chain-link and wood fences.

  • Vinyl Fences - provide you with a low-maintenance fence option that will never need to be painted. Their durability and pliancy make them a great choice if you have small children. 
  • Aluminum Fences - add the same elegance to your property as wrought iron fences at a greatly reduced cost to you. 
  • Chain-link Fences - they are an economical and secure way to have privacy, yet still keep an eye on things that are going on both inside your yard and the outside of your property. With our chain-link fences you have many choices in the vinyl coating, to make the fence blend in more with its surroundings. 
  • Wood Fences - they add a charming rustic look to any property. It is a very popular choice  because they are practical and customizable. Whether you are looking to change the color of your wood fence by painting it, or just looking to stain the fence to alter its appearance, wood fencing is very versatile.

Challenger Fence Inc is a family-owned and operated company in New Jersey that has provided quality fence installation in West Milford NJ for over a decade.  As a fully-licensed and insured company, we install various types of fences for our customers that will match any home or landscape. If you want more information or have any questions about fence installation in West Milford NJ call Challenger Fence Inc at 973-772-2593

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  1. Vinyl Fence is easy to install and it’s maintenance free. Though the vinyl products of these companies have limited lifetime warranty against discoloring, yellowing or cracking, it is the best choice for white fence.

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