Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NJ Chain Link Fence

Adding a chainlink fence in NJ to your property is an economical and secure way of protecting your yard. Challenger Fence Inc offers chain link fencing that is versatile in use, color and design. If you spend a lot of time planting and maintaining your yard then chain link fences are a great way to feature that, while still providing security.
There are many advantages to a chain link fence in NJ such as:
  • Containment – Chain link fencing is a great way to contain your children or pets in your year. Their durability makes them suitable for any dog large or small. Chain link fencing also allows you to section off a play area for your dog.
  • Safety – Chain link fences are a great way to insure the safety of your child. It provides a secure yard for them to play in and they won't be chasing balls into the street. If you have a pool it is important that there is one to make sure children can't enter unsupervised.
  • Maintenance Free – Chain link fences in NJ are virtually maintenance free, except for the occasional cleaning. There is no need for staining, painting or sealing the fence due to it's vinyl coating.
  • Customization – Chain link fences are easily customizable offering color choices to compliment your homes colors and let the fence blend in. Height, perimeter, and the gauge (thickness) of the fencing are all up to you.

If you are looking to install a chain link fence in NJ call Challenger Fence Inc. For years Challenger Fence Inc has been providing New Jersey with quality fence installation and friendly customer service. Call us today for a free NJ chain linkfence estimate at 973-772-2593

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