Friday, November 13, 2015

Fence Company in Bergen County, NJ

When thinking about a fence, your first idea is that it represents a barrier between your home and the outside world. This is true, but fences are utilized for a variety of reasons. Whether they be for the safety of children or pets, or come as a result of a government ordered permit, there are many reasons you may install a fence around your home. The right fence company in Bergen County NJ will take these things into consideration when you meet with them to discuss your needs. At Challenger Fence, we have over a decade of trusted service, earning us the reputation as a leading high-quality fence company in Bergen County NJ. Our professional installers take pride in our ability to promptly give your home an updated look with fence installation, using our years of experience and training to outfit your home with a welcoming addition for friends and guests.

Fencing has more than just an assortment of uses. They can also come in a number of building materials. Mesh is popular around pools and other small areas that need to be separated from the main property or yard. Still, the three most common fencing materials our professionalfence company in Bergen County NJ is asked about are wood, vinyl, and chain link.

Wood is tradition. In the past, nearly every facet of the American home was crafted from wood. Those days may be long gone, but the material has stood the test of time with fences. Wood is easy to clean and maintain. But the real benefits of wood come from two areas: privacy and beauty. Wooden boards can provide ample security for you and your family in the yard. And who can ignore how great a wooden fence looks.
Vinyl is a newer fencing option, but it’s making a big statement. Vinyl fences are by far the cheapest of the materials used. They are also easy to maintain. Maintenance for vinyl is often as simple as a bucket of soap water or paint. A vinyl fence is also resistant to rust and water damage found in chain link and wood, respectively.

Chain link fences are the image you probably conjure up when pressed to think about a fence. You will find chain link fences all across the country. That is because they are cheap and very easy to install. These fences are also quite adaptable and can be shaped to suit almost any need.

There are more materials on the market, but these three are the most common. Our prompt fence company in Bergen County NJ is equipped to install these three styles of fence for your home, depending of course on your preference. Give Challenger Fence a call today for more information about our leading fence company in Bergen County NJ and to discuss an estimate.

We proudly install fences in Bergen County NJ, including these areas:

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