Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chain Link Fence Installation in Bergen County, NJ

You may be overwhelmed when considering fencing options. There is wood, vinyl, and mesh fencing available, and you don’t know what to select. Have you considered traditional chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ? If you were considering one of the other materials in place of chain link, this list is for you. At Challenger Fence, we've been installing fences for residents and commercial properties in North NJ for over a decade. Our professional installers use their skills, knowledge, and experience to give homes and offices an updated appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and offers protection against intrusion. Below are the top four reasons chain link fences are worth your consideration.


Fencing can be expensive. You may not realize it at first, because materials are usually sold by the square foot or in otherwise smaller chunks. You will realize it, however, when you decide to fence a large area. Chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ is quite economic, and it serves all your needs well.

Let the Sun Shine

While you may select wood or vinyl for its privacy, you may consider chain link for the opposite reason. Nobody wants to be completely exposed. But chain link gives you the best of both worlds. You can have the sunlight and exposure to the street whilst also having a protective barrier to protect your family.

Less Maintenance

You will almost never have to wash a chain link fence. And forget about painting it. Chain link fences require almost no maintenance and will last for years and years. The only problem that may come up is rusting, but that is easy to take care of in the event of serious damage. 


When you look at most sports fields or grounds, you’ll notice a chain link fence. Why is that? Because the fence won’t break if a ball comes running full speed at it. Or even if a man comes running full speed at it. Chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ are durable against all sorts of human error. They will even hold up against the rain, wind, and other natural threats.

At Challenger Fence, we pride ourselves with our exceptional chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ methods, using high-quality materials and installation to leave your property secured and updated. 

For more information about chain link fence installation in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

We are proud to provide Bergen County with chain link fence installation, including:


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