Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wood Fence Installation in Bergen County, NJ

Wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ around your property is more than an American tradition. There are countless reasons why homeowners continue to select wooden fences. At Challenger Fence, our installation methods over the past decade have outfitted homes with fencing that is both welcoming and protective against intruding eyes and unwanted guests. Our professional installers use their knowledge and years of experience to promptly install wood fencing and give your home a classic Americana feel right out classic American literature--however our installers don't wear overalls and straw hats.

It’s more than just a perpetual habit, a wood fence adds much benefit to the home. We’ve assembled a list of the top four reasons wooden fence installation in Bergen County NJ can benefit your property below.

Design and Curb Appeal

This is perhaps the top reason why homeowners continue to select wood for their preferred fencing material. Wood looks great around your home, there is no denying that. In our years of experience installing fences, we’ve seen homes go from worn-out and shabby to fresh and beautiful with just a new wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ. Aside from making your home look great, the added curb appeal will also increase your home’s value. Nobody can argue with that.

Stay Private

Nobody wants their entire life to be on display. We may be far from the events in the “Truman Show,” but still we are exposed when sitting in our yard or garden. Passersby and neighbors have a full glimpse of you and your family living their lives. Nobody is saying you have something to hide. But we are claiming that privacy will help you live more comfortably.

Be Safe

In line with the idea of privacy mentioned above, there are others who may be sneaking a peak at you besides your neighbors. Threats exist in any neighborhood, and with a simple fence you can deter them and keep them away from your family. Wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ is durable and won’t fall down easily. This means the distance between you and harm is increased with a proper fence.

Keep Property Lines in Play

Another reason why homeowners go with a fence around their home is to have a clear distinction between their property and that of their neighbor. In some communities, this line is blurred. Sharing is caring, indeed. But if you’re paying for the property, you deserve full use of your yard. With a wooden fence, you can make a plain statement of where your home begins and ends.

At Challenger Fence, we are dedicated to providing high-quality wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ. Our methods create wood fencing that will look great for years to come. For more information about  wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ, call Challenger Fence today at (973) 772-2593.

We provide wood fence installation in Bergen County NJ to the following areas:

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