Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fence Installation NJ

Putting a fence around your home can be beneficial for many reasons. It can protect your children and pets, be a deterrent to burglars, and provide your yard with much needed privacy. Challenger Fence Inc is a professional company that provides high quality fence installation in NJ at affordable prices.

If you own a wooden fence, here are some things that you can do to maintain it:

  • Power wash. Before staining your fence, give it a power wash. This can remove much of the dirt, mildew, mold and other stains.
  • Don’t use cleaning products. Many of the fence cleaning products on the market do not work the way they claim. Some end up making your fence look worse and even kill surrounding grass and plants.
  • Don’t stain your fence with a brush. Professionals will use an airless sprayer gun. Since this works much quicker, you will go through less stain to complete the job.

If you would like more information on NJ fence installation, contact Challenger Fence Inc.

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