Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tips for Fencing In Dogs

If you own a dog (and more than one-third of Americans do,) you already understand the amount of energy necessary to get through every day. A great way to let your dog run around without having to drive yourself crazy is by having a fence installation in NJ that ensures your yard can keep the critter in – and allow him to let his energy out. The fence experts at Challenger Fence Inc have posted a list of some tips to keep in mind if you are looking for a dog fence.

The fence must be high enough to prevent the dog from jumping over, and even go about eight inches underground to be certain the dog can’t tunnel out.

Pick a material that is right for you, but be sure that it does not allow the dog to escape. Chain link is great for pets, but not great for privacy. If you want a picket fence, make sure the gaps are not big enough for a dog to escape through.

Consider the options. An invisible fence or an electrified fence are available to pet owners, but can also come with their own issues to overcome. Putting a fence around your yard is a simple solution that can last for many years.

For more information about fences and to decide which fence is right for you, browse our fence catalog or speak to an expert at Challenger Fence Inc.

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