Thursday, November 7, 2013

Repair and Replace Wooden Fences

Wooden fences wear, it's the downside to their otherwise pleasing aesthetics. Anything can affect these fences, from pets and children, to Mother Nature. Moisture, heat and wind all determine how long a wooden fence will last. There are several ways to determine whether your fence has deteriorated, or is just taking on that rustic look. By testing the strength of the fence you can determine how solid the framework is. If it feels strong then a coat of stain or sanding could bring some life back to it. If it feels weak and flimsy, it is time to consider replacing the fence.
Because of the amount of use, fence gates tend to go first. The gate can start to sag or the post it is attached to can become disconnected from the rest of the fence. Posts will most likely need attention next because they are bearing the weight of the fence. See if the posts are securely in the ground, if not you can add some wooden shims to prevent any movement.
If it appears that your fence is beyond repair, do not panic though. Challenger Fence Inc. is a family-owned NJ fence installation company that offers free estimates. When installing a new fence it is imperative to find a company that uses the highest quality products, and are experts in installation.

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